Jude Law is reportedly in talks for a lead role in the upcoming vampire adventure The Last Voyage of Demeter. We reported a few days ago that David Slade is currently in talks to direct this thriller.

The story centers on the ship Demeter, which is transporting Dracula's coffin from Transylvania to London. Along the way, passengers and crew members are brutally murdered. When the ship washes up on shore, only one survivor remains: Count Dracula.

Although Jude Law is in negotiations for a lead role, it isn't clear if he will portray Dracula or another important character. However, the Dracula character is compared to the xenomorph in the sci-fi classic Alien.

Noomi Rapace has already signed onto play a stowaway aboard the Demeter, with Ben Kingsley committed to the project as well, although his role isn't specified.

Bragi F. Schut wrote the screenplay, which is based on a small portion of Bram Stoker's original Dracula novel. No production schedule was released, since The Last Voyage of Demeter is still seeking financing.