Blockbuster scored a winning blow recently in it's ongoing battle with online renter Netflix.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, "Blockbuster won the latest battle in its legal war against Netflix when a judge Tuesday denied the latter its motion to dismiss the former's countersuit against it."

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Everything kicked off last April when Netflix brought a suit against Blockbuster for "copying the model Netflix created for a subscription DVD-by-mail service." In June, Blockbuster fought back "by countersuing Netflix for trying to monopolize the industry through unenforceable patents."

Then Netflix requested that Blockbuster's "countersuit be tossed, but U.S. District Court judge William Alsup on Tuesday sided with Blockbuster." The judge then went on to say "that Blockbuster adequately made its case that Netflix might have ailed to identify 'prior art' when applying for its patents, in particular patents of a similar nature to those held by NCR Corp."