Sandwich John Films recently spoke with director Clint Eastwood about his new biopic J. Edgar, where he revealed that Judi Dench has joined the cast, and that Charlize Theron may be in the movie as well. Here's what Eastwood had to say:

We think she (Charlize Theron) will be in the film (With a smile.) And Judi Dench is definitely in the film and there we are."

It wasn't immediately clear what role Judi Dench is playing. Eastwood also talked a bit about casting Leonardo DiCaprio as FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover in the biopic:

The script is a very good script and we were all preparing it and he liked the the script. He actually volunteered for it."

We reported earlier this month that Charlize Theron is being eyed to play Helen Gandy, who was hand-picked as J. Edgar Hoover's secretary and worked for him for over 50 years. That story also indicated that Armie Hammer is circling the role of Clyde Tolson, who was thought to be J. Edgar Hoover's secret lover. It isn't clear if Armie Hammer is still in contention for the role.