Judy Greer has signed on to star opposite David Krumholtz in Fox's comedy pilot Tax Man, Jerry O'Connell is set to star opposite Jim Belushi in the CBS pilot Defenders, and Jason Biggs will lead the cast of CBS' comedy pilot True Love, with Dan Fogler co-starring, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Additionally, Madchen Amick has joined Fox's drama pilot Pleading Guilty; Brooke Bloom and Vanessa Minnillo have been added to NBC's comedy pilot This Little Piggy; Anna Chlumsky has landed a lead on CBS' drama pilot Quinn-Tuplets; Melinda Clarke and Aaron Stanford have joined the CW's Nikita; Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Hayes MacArthur have come aboard NBC's comedy pilot Perfect Couples; Debra Jo Rupp has boarded ABC's untitled Shana Goldberg-Meehan comedy pilot; and Jay Hernandez and Michael Beach have been cast in CBS' untitled medical drama pilot.

Tax Man is set at an IRS office in Fresno, Calif. A beehive of intrigue staffed by enthusiastic eccentrics, the workplace is shaken when a former Morgan Stanley secretary (Greer), nicknamed the Terminator, joins the branch.

Defenders centers on two fiery Las Vegas defense attorneys (Belushi and O'Connell) who go to the mat for their clients. O'Connell's character is a fancy guy and a player.

True Love revolves around four friends in New York, two falling in love, the other two not so much.

Biggs will play the kind and unassuming Henry, a lawyer who falls in love with a stranger (Minka Kelly) while in a long-term relationship. Fogler will play Henry's best friend, a fellow lawyer who doesn't believe in love.

Also cast in the pilot is Sarah Wright as Connie's (Ashley A. Morris) employer.

Pleading Guilty is a legal thriller about embezzlement and the politics of a high-powered firm and centers on Mack (Jason Isaacs), a cop-turned-attorney.

Amick will play Mack's tough colleague and the firm's top criminal defense attorney who is having an affair with him.

This Little Piggy revolves around an underemployed woman (Bloom) and her materialistic brother who move in with their older sibling (Ben Koldyke).

In her first regular TV role, talk-show host Minnillo will play the materialistic brother's wife.

On Quinn-Tuplets, which follows the personal and professional lives of the Quinn quintuplets, Chlumsky, repped by Innovative and Liebman Entertainment, will play one of the quints, a bright and ambitious local sportscaster.

In Nikita, about the training of a new assassin (Maggie Q), Clarke will play a division operative. Stanford will play a computer specialist.

Perfect Couples is a romantic comedy revolving around three couples, with Ellis and MacArthur playing the better halves.

ABC's Gldberg-Meehan comedy revolves around two sisters (Joanna Garcia, Jennifer Finnigan) at different stages in their romantic relationships. Rupp will play their intimidating mother.

On CBS' untitled medical drama, about a mobile medical team traveling the U.S. helping people in need, Hernandez and Michael Beach will play two of the members, a preppy-looking OB/GYN and a a cowboy type with a big heart, respectively.