Judy Greer has signed on to play a female ape in 20th Century Fox's upcoming sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The actress will don a motion capture suit to play Cornelia, a potential love interest to Andy Serkis' Caesar. Here's what the actress had to say about signing on for this highly-anticipated follow-up.

"For so long I haven't been able to say anything about it, so this is exciting! It's a very different kind of work than I'm used to. I'm not going to be wearing Manolo Blahniks in this one."
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Primarily known as a comedic actress, who recently starred in Jeff Who Lives at Home and The Descendants, Judy Greer revealed that she lobbied for the part after re-connecting with her 13 Going on 30 co-star Andy Serkis during The Descendants' award season push. She also spoke about her marriage to a man who is obsessed with the entire franchise.

"I married a man who ... I'm gonna use the word obsessed. He is obsessed with Planet of the Apes. We had a chimp husband-and-wife cake topper at our wedding. At the cocktail hour, we played Planet of the Apes and Rise of the Planet of the Apes on two separate televisions in the bar area. And on the wedding gift I bought him, a vintage Rolex, I had it engraved, 'Ape shall not kill ape.' I was then told that, technically, it's 'Ape shall never kill ape,' but there wasn't enough space for engraving purposes."

Matt Reeves is directing from a screenplay by Mark Bomback. It isn't known when production will begin. Judy Greer will next be seen in Carrie, opening in theaters October 18.