Julian McMahon, who is playing Doctor Doom in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, recently told Comics Continuum he is contracted for a sequel.

"I'm signed on to do the sequel, but I really have to be honest with you, the way that I would look at it if I was Fox and those guys, it depends on how well Von Doom is received and how well you could fit him back in again. It if works storyline-wise and if the audience liked him, I'd say they should bring him back. It would be a no-brainer. But if they feel like you kind of have done Von Doom and they need to bring in someone else, I can understand that as well. But we'll see."

Also, VFX supervisor Kurt Williams (Batman Forever) talked about the electricity effects of the character...

"When he fully escalates into full Doom, he has this power that he sort of controls the energy in the room and the electricity, so there's a lot of scenes where he drains the energy in the room and the lights come down. We're treating him with an electrical field. We'll generate some light sources that come from under his skin, that gives a topical electrical effect with him, it makes it organic, it's coming from inside him."