Strange, but tourists and locals in the heart of Times Square would rather pose for pictures and tip vagrants dressed in greasy Spider-Man and Elmo costumes than saddle up alongside Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore. She recently joined the crowd of beggars in New York City, to see if she could collect tips in exchange for her acting abilities. Don't worry, she hasn't suddenly lost all her money. She's not homeless. She's actually doing a bit for Funny or Die's Billy on the Street.

Host Billy Eichner convinced the extremely game Julianne Moore to strap on her tip purse and approach total strangers in the street. For a quarter, she'll act out one of the scenes from her previous movies. Give the girl a dollar, and she'll cry on cue. It's all rather hilarious. And another win for Funny or Die's Billy on the Street, which had similar fun last month with Chris Pratt.

Though Chris Pratt has been called one of the most promising up and coming actors of this generation, no one in Times Square or the surrounding area knew who he was. And the one lady that recognized him, thought he was his Marvel counterpart Chris Hemsworth. Julianne Moore fares a little better, but let's just saw those who recognize her aren't overly emotional to see her.

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What this funny clip does prove is just what a great actress Julianne Moore is. She has no problem delivering convincing lines that sound like she is having a very emotional breakdown on the street. She can bring herself to tears on the drop of a dime. And she does this confronting a tourist who has absolutely no idea who she is, or who she is supposed to be. This lady needs more Oscars!

Julianne Moore is setting the bar incredibly high for Funny or Die's Billy on the Street. And it will be hard to top her sidewalk performance in this interactive game show. The funniest moment here might come from a kid in a yarmulke who loves The Big Lebowski. But he doesn't quite recall what role Julianne Moore may have had in the movie.

Take a look at the latest clip from Funny or Die's Billy on the Street. It ends as it should, with Julianne Moore and a crowd of onlookers shouting at a poor costumed street performer, 'F' Spider-Man." That may not be very lady like, but it sure is hilarious.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange