It seems that the gang at 30 Rockefeller Plaza have gotten a new addition to the cast. E! Online is reporting that actress Julianne Moore was spotted in New York City today filming scenes for the hit NBC comedy 30 Rock.

The site reported yesterday that Moore was reportedly going to play a new love interest for Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy character, and now some New Yorker's have contacted the site, confirming they saw her filming scenes with Baldwin today at Rockefeller Center. Here's what one passerby had to say.

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"I saw them right around 3 o'clock. To be honest, I can't remember what they were wearing (too distracted by how pretty Julianne was), and during the time I saw them they were in between takes, so not really saying anything of note. They looked verrrrry chummy though! No one else from the cast appeared to be there."

Baldwin himself did confirm to the site that he would get a girlfriend this season as well. "I won't say who it is, but someone very near to us who may be coming on to play my girlfriend for four episodes."

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