Ever since production has started on the Jumanji remake, star Dwayne Johnson has been sharing numerous photos from the set. Today the actor shared even more photos featuring a big fight scene as filming continues. We don't have a whole lot of context for this scene, but the actor had this to sy on Instagram earlier today.

"This bad man is an asshole and I must throw him thru this cement pillar. My hand strength is like vice grips... he has no choice. For the record, this man is roughly 6'8 and well over 350lbs - he's massive and mean - I must run away now to preserve my health. #OnSet #MySaturdayNights #KnuckleUp" #StuntBrotherLuv #Jumanji" Doin' dirt with my stunt brothers tonight. Rehearsals before the bodies hit the floor... I'm searching for a good spot to break his leg with one shot. This scene also looks like what happens when too many drugs are taken at a party. Just say no. #OnSet #HowISpendMySaturdayNights #FightNight #Jumanji"
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No story details have been confirmed, but earlier reports claimed the plot follows a 12-year-old boy trapped in a board game back in 1969 who is released 45 years later. The cast also includes Nick Jonas, but it seems unlikely that any of the original Jumanji stars such as Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Pierce, Bonnie Hunt, Bebe Neuwirth, David Alan Grier or Patricia Clarkson will return. The original Jumanji earned $100.4 million domestically and $262.7 million worldwide, from a $65 million production budget.

Dwayne Johnson leads an all-star cast as Dr. Bravestone), alongside Kevin Hart (Moose Finbar), Jack Black (Professor Shelly Oberon), Karen Gillan (Ruby Roundhouse) and Nick Jonas. Rhys Darby will be playing a character named Nigel, while Morgan Turner is playing an unknown role. It isn't known how much longer production will last for.

Jake Kasdan is directing Jumanji from a script that has been worked on by a number of writers, such as Zach Helm (Stranger Than Fiction), Chris McKenna (The LEGO Batman Movie), Jeff Pinkner (The Dark Tower), Scott Rosenberg (Gone In 60 Seconds) and Erik Sommers (Spider-Man: Homecoming). Jumanji was originally given a July 28, 2017 release date, which would have put it up against an untitled Disney fairy tale project. It was later moved to December 22, 2017, where it will face Downsizing, Pitch Perfect 3, The Six Billion Dollar Man, The Story of Ferdinand and an untitled PG-13 comedy from Warner Bros. Take a look at the first set video from Jumanji featuring The Rock and his co-stars on the Hawaii set.