Earlier this month, Dwayne Johnson gave a new update on his Jungle Cruise movie for Disney, revealing that he plans to start shooting that adventure in the spring of 2018. As of now, Dwayne Johnson is the only cast member attached, and there is no director attached at this time, with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa writing the script. Today we have word that, while it may be some time before a director is locked down, Dwayne Johnson already has someone in mind, Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins.

The Associated Press ran a new profile on Patty Jenkins earlier today, and her road to directing Wonder Woman, which is only her second feature film after the critically-acclaimed 2003 film Monster, which earned Charlize Theron her first Oscar. Between now and then, the filmmaker had been courted to direct Thor for a period of time, and she kept busy on the small screen, directing episodes of Arrested Development, Entourage and The Killing before getting the call to direct Wonder Woman. At the end of this profile, AP spoke with Dwayne Johnson, who said he is a fan of Patty Jenkins' work, revealing she would be perfect for his Jungle Cruise movie.

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"Patty has that really cool edge. I felt like she could be a really cool choice for a movie like Jungle Cruise. Plus, you know what? I'm just a big fan."

Disney had been plotting a Jungle Cruise movie for quite some time, with the studio originally eyeing Toy Story stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to star, but that incarnation of the project never came together. Dwayne Johnson boarded the project back in 2015, teasing that this project is an "edgy period movie, based on the iconic Disney World ride. The ride itself debuted at Disneyland in 1955, and was eventually brought to all of the Disney theme parks around the world. The ride itself is set in the 1920s, and it seems that the movie will keep that same setting.

The ride takes passengers on a trip down a series of major rivers from all over the world, where passengers come across wild animals, hostile natives and much more, which are portrayed through animatronic characters. No details have been given for who The Rock is playing at this time, but perhaps we'll find out more when a director becomes involved with the project. Dwayne Johnson is currently filming his video game adaptation Rampage, which is set for release next spring. He also has Skyscraper, Doc Savage and San Andreas 2 in various stages of development. Hopefully we'll find out more about Jungle Cruise soon as we get closer to a production start next year.