The Jungle Cruise ride at Disney World sank with passengers on board today. Thankfully, everybody made it off of the boat safely. This has led to a ton of Titanic jokes on social media, along with Jungle Cruise tour guide jokes. One of the more frequent jokes Disneyland and Disney World visitors hear on the Jungle Cruise is that their skipper will become their swimming instructor should the boat sink. Unfortunately, that almost had to happen.

Images started to spread on social media of the Disney Jungle Cruise boat, Bomokandi Bertha, with water in it. From the images, visitors were standing in a little bit of water. However, the boat later sank completely, which can be seen in one of the other images below. One visitor said, "Our boat on the jungle cruise sank today. Fun times!" The Reedy Creek Fire Department immediately responded to the attraction and got everyone to safety. Even so, the water at both parks isn't very deep, though it looks pretty disgusting.

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Boats sinking automatically gets people thinking about the Titanic, which ultimately always goes back to James Cameron's Titanic. One person on social media asked, "Does this mean Jungle Cruise has a titanic overlay now?" Another person chimed in to say, "I hope everyone is okay at the Jungle Cruise but also did the skipper start singing the Titanic theme?" Other commentary on the situation were memes from the movie, along with images of other boats sinking. Disney officially addressed the situation by stating, "A boat took on some water. Everyone got out of the boat safely."

While Disney downplays the situation by saying that the Jungle Cruise boat "took on some water," the images show otherwise. The boat truly sank as guests were trying to stand on the ride's seats. Some guests even stood on the outside of the boat, clinging to the roof. Disney World reportedly hooked the unlucky visitors up with some dry clothing. It's unclear if any electronics, like smartphones, were damaged during the event, but it certainly looks like that was a real possibility. For now, all parties involved are very lucky that nobody was injured during the ordeal.

The Jungle Cruise was shut down for a few hours, but has since reopened. The ride originally opened in 1955 at the Anaheim theme park and then in 1971 at the Florida location. It takes guests on an adventure through rivers in Asia, Africa, and South America. Along the way, a skipper tells stories and makes jokes as fake threats keep approaching the boat. Sinking at Disneyland or Disney World is not something one often thinks about, so this was a huge shock for everybody, including the park itself. You can check out some images from the ordeal below, thanks to Matthew Vince's Twitter account.