Jason Reitman, director of Juno, had the opportunity to direct Justice League: Mortal for Warner Bros. before the job ended up in the hands of George Miller. /Film posted a report from the set of The Howard Stern Show where Reitman told Stern that he had turned down the film.

When asked by Stern how the script was, Reitman responded:

Good, FINE... You know, I mean. I had to sign something, they send me the script and it comes on this spy paper which cant be Xeroxed...They have a time when I have to have the script back to them and the script is fine and I could be spending...What am I going to do with Justice League: Mortal? So Basically I'll make a movie that is not as good as X-Men, then I'll be the guy who made a movie not as good as X-Men. Where just like you talking about, going to smaller stations, if I make another small movie, and it's really good, it performs well...Right now I'm thought of as a particular type of director. I've got an Oscar nomination. I've made two indie films that play film festivals that are considered thoughtful. I want to stay in that world, I like making those type of films.

While Reitman's sentiment is understood, it should be noted that Bryan Singer's biggest hits before X-Men were Apt Pupil and The Usual Suspects - neither of which were 'big' movies. So it might have been interesting to see what Reitman could have done with Justice League: Mortal.