Jupiter's Legacy actor Anna Akana recently tweeted some Season 2 cliffhanger spoilers in the wake of the show's cancellation. The first season of the show, based on Mark Millar's comic series of the same name had only just debuted on Netflix, with the premiere arriving only a month ago today, on May 7th. The show was officially cancelled by Netflix last Wednesday, June 7th.

Unfortunately, Jupiter's Legacy received extremely mixed reviews upon release, with a Rotten Tomatoes average audience rating - as of this writing - of 72%. Critics primarily bemoaned the show for feeling too packed full of a story that simply didn't move along quickly enough to maintain a compelling narrative. Please note that the following may contain spoilers for those who are yet to watch Jupiter's Legacy - read on at your own risk!

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Anna Akana was announced to be joining the cast of Jupiter's Legacy in a recurring role back in September 2020. Akana landed the role of Raikou. As the first (and only) season progressed, Akana's character Raikou found herself at the center of one of the biggest cliffhangers of the ill fated show. In the season finale, Raikou is murdered by her father, the character Walter Simpson - also known as Brainwave (played by Ben Daniels - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). However in a recent Tweet, Akana revealed that this was not meant to signal the end of her character.

"So gutted that Jupiter's Legacy wasn't renewed for a 2nd season. I guess it's now fine to spoil that Raikou actually isn't dead - she created a mind palace, akin to Walter, in order to convince him she was no longer a threat. But for now - RIP Raikou & team!"

In spite of the untimely cancellation though, it transpires that we were meant to see more of Raikou after season one. Whether this plot point will ever be resolved does, at this point, remain to be seen. Raikou's fate in the television adaptation does however serve as a sort of reflection of her fate in the source material. Readers of the comic books will know that Raikou actually ends up in a coma, having been slain in a psychic construct.

Will this plot point ever be addressed again? While Jupiter's Legacy may not have survived beyond it's maiden season, Mark Millar and Netflix have confirmed that the show will transition into a different show: Supercrooks, based upon villains appearing in the series. It might not be impossible to imagine characters from Jupiter's Legacy showing up in the next evolution of (colloquially know to comic book readers as) Millarworld.

The creator-owned comic imprint hosts an impressive stable of characters and concepts (the most famous of which would doubtlessly be the Kick-Ass franchise) - if nothing else, it'll be interesting to see where the concept goes with - and after - Supercrooks. The disappointment surrounding the cancellation of Jupiter's Legacy could well be tempered with the possibility of a new superhero shared universe making it's way to Netflix.

Jupiter's Legacy is still available to stream on Netflix - and you can bet that we'll keep you up to date with further information regarding Supercrooks, in the not-too-distant future!