Premiering at EFM in Berlin, where it'll be stumped internationally, the first trailer and poster for The Jurassic Dead has arrive. Released Summer 2018 (alongside that other Jurassic movie) The Jurassic Dead is part Jurassic Park part The Walking Dead, with a T-Rex turning everyone it attacks into a zombie!

A unit of mercenaries must team up with a group of tech-geek students after American is struck with an EMP attack. Deep in the desert, they find the source of the terror, a mad scientist who has also just created a living dead T-Rex dinosaur, one who turns everyone it attacks into a zombie. Now they must scramble to stay alive and save the planet from the ultimate undead predator.

Matt Block, Wes Clark, Julie Crisante and American professional bodybuilder Andy Haman star in a Milko Davis film. Wild Eye Releasing will release The Jurassic Dead in the U.S Summer 2018. The movie was formally called Z/Rex, but the new title is much more catchier.

There's no doubt that Jurassic Dead won't be able to compete against Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. But it sure looks like a fun alternative as an insane jerk aligns with the Axis of Evil to bring down the US of A with EMP blasts, toxic zombification gas and an unleashing of the ultimate undead killing monstrosity. When this hot-wired militia squad and a crew of college hipsters are thrown together to do something about crazy, chaotic Predator-Thunder action runs amok. This is grade A, cheap-o schlock at it's finest.

The Jurassic Dead is directed by the incredibly talented deadly duo of Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick. The film is written by Milko Davis with Michele Pacitto and starring famed bodybuilder Andy Haman, UFC fighter Raquel Pennington and former American Ninja Warrior Ruselis Perry, alongside Ben Johnson, Mia Klosterman, Shale le Page, Nicole Goeke, Adam Singer, Cooper Hoag, Juan Gonzalez, and Kelsey Briding amoung others.

Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick are making a name for themselves with giant monster movies that combine genres. Their previous effort was Tsunambee. In that thriller, as the world ends, a wrath is released that torments man for days. Symbolic in scripture of locusts plaguing man, huge swarms of wasps attack a small rural town at the beginning of a series of apocalyptic events. As a gang tries to leave the city, their escape is cut short by a group of farmers taking the law into their own hands. A local sheriff is the only hope of order left, but options are limited as the groups become tangled trying to escape an attack of biblical proportions. They must now work together to survive as the end of time ensues by setting aside their differences. Or die the death of ages.

The Jurassic Dead still doesn't have a release date. But it will arrive alongside Fallen Kindom to ride Rexy's lucrative wave. This is a true cat oddity in the making! Giant mutant monsters, braindead millennials, sexy army brats and the dumbest set of college kids you've ever seen make for a delicious midnight madness snack. Here's everything you need to tide you over until WildEye Releasing give it to us this summer.

Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange