Jurassic Park 3 came out in 2001, and though a lot of the effects looked fantastic and the movie delivered on the promise of dinosaurs, it really failed to live up to the expectations of the franchise. As a result, it took 14 years to finally get a sequel to Jurassic Park in the form of Jurassic World, which absolutely crushed it at the box office last year and seemed to satisfy most fans who had been waiting all of that time.

Universal hadn't just been sitting on their hands for 14 years though. They had been trying to get Jurassic Park 4 made since the moment Jurassic Park 3 hit theaters, and it went through a lot of different and crazy development phases. Recently, Carlos Huante took to his Instagram to share some never before seen concept art for an abandoned version of Jurassic Park 4 from around 2001, which he was working on with director Joe Johnston.

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Many of the concepts that were in rumored scripts, and ideas that were floating around for more than a decade, for what would ultimately become Jurassic World, were still in tact in that film. Hybrids, the motorcycle scene with the raptors and of course most importantly, dinosaurs used for military applications. Some felt the idea of trained raptors was a bit silly, but it was far and away more logical and grounded within the Jurassic Park universe than what Huante and Johnston were working on around the time these new images are from.

Certain bits of similar concept art featuring militarized dinosaurs as well as man/dino hybrids have surfaced before, but these couple of new images are truly astonishing. Huante dubs this one a "raptorman," which sounds and looks utterly ridiculous, even though there is a clear painstaking attention to detail and creation for his part in it. It is also clear to see that the "raptorman" has some kind of metal arm that looks like it could be a weapon of some kind. It is easy to see why this version of the project was ultimately abandoned, but with how much art has surfaced over the years, it is a bit distressing to see how far into the development process this seemingly very stupid idea actually managed to get.

Steven Spielberg has always been very protective of the Jurassic Park franchise and the rumor goes that as soon as this outlandish concept art came to be, he insisted everyone go back to the drawing board, which ultimately sent the project into long term development hell. However, it was also Spielberg's idea to explore the concept of a fully functioning Jurassic Park, which is ultimately what made Jurassic World work as well as it did. Jurassic World 2 is coming in 2018, and some seeds are sewn to further explore the idea of military applications for dinosaurs. Let's just hope it doesn't once again go down the path of the "raptorman." Be sure to check out Huante's newly released pieces of Jurassic Park 4 concept art below.