If you are a Jurassic Park fan, now is a pretty good time to be one. Jurassic World 2 is about to start shooting soon and that will be the second installment of a brand new trilogy. Well, now we have one more reason to be excited, or maybe disappointed, because the entire first season of the scrapped Jurassic Park animates series, Escape From Jurassic Park, has surfaced online. Sort of.

Many die hard Jurassic Park fans know that there were plans for an animated series in 1993, though it never totally got off the ground. However, people were hired to bring it to life and they actually got reasonably far in the process, and the fan site Jurassic Outpost just posted an entire story outline for the first season of Escape From Jurassic Park. This is not an outline they crafted as fans, mind you. They have an entire, seemingly official, 24-page document that details all 23 episodes, one by one, giving a look at the entire first-season arc.

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There is a whole lot to dig into, but the main crux of the first season would have seen John Hammond trying to pick up the pieces and get his dream of opening Jurassic Park back on track. The first episode would have taken place directly after the events of Jurassic Park. In it, Hammond decides to not yet give up on the park. In the first couple of episodes, he manages to convince Ian Malcolm, Allan Grant and Ellie Sattler to help him get things back in order and regain control of the animals in the park, giving them the impression it would be set up as a biological preserve of sorts. There is a lot of text in the 24 pages, but here is some of the description provided from the first episode.

"He has thought it through, ruminating over every aspect and angle. Acide from the issue of saving the animals, valuable assets that they are, he has decided that he must eventually open Jurassic Park to the world as originally planned. Nobody has ever lost money with John Hammond, and he does not intend to disappoint his investors now. But much more important to Hammond is the dream. Jurassic Park is the fulfillment of a rarified vision. This will be his legacy to humanity; the purpose for which he was born and for which he will be remembered through time."

The series, according to the findings by Jurassic Outpost, would have been a high-budget, primetime series from the now defunct Universal Cartoon Studios. It also was said by concept artist William Stout, who was hired to work on Escape From Jurassic Park before it was scrapped, that the series would not have been a kids show, though kids would have been able to enjoy it. Reading through the season 1 arc, that is very clear. There are very violent moments in it and it has some very adult, real world themes, much like the original movie. The main point of conflict in season 1 would have involved a rival corporation who was trying to open another park named "Dinoworld" in the Amazon. At one point, things go terribly wrong and dinosaurs wind up roaming free in South Africa. Here is how the series outline explains it.

"Unlike Jurassic Park, which was nearly destroyed through an act of sabotage, what happens at Dinoworld is the result of ignorance and poor planning"

Jurassic Outpost claims that they got the document from an "anonymous" contributor, so all of this should be taken with a relative grain of salt. In any case, the news should be equal parts exciting and frustrating for Jurassic Park fans. There are a lot of great things within these 23 episodes and the general outline resembles Michael Crichton's The Lost World novel, not so much the movie. The series would have also clearly had implications on the movie sequels and they wouldn't have resembled what we ultimately wound up with.

The final shot of the season left off on a cliffhanger, with John Hammond holding a press conference in order to declare the park would be opening to the public. He even used his famous line; "Welcome to Jurassic Park" as the big season 1 closing. You can read the entire season 1 outline for Escape From Jurassic Park over at Jurassic Outpost. You can also check out some of the William Stout concept art below.