Jurassic Park IV: Producer Kathleen Kennedy told SCI FI Wire that novelist William Monahan has completed a first draft of the script for a proposed fourth Jurassic Park movie:

"Let's just say it takes place someplace else," she said in an interview. "It will not be green. We will not go back to the jungle." RELATED: Jurassic World 3 CinemaCon Footage Teases Bond-Style Action & Legacy Trio's Return

Monahan makes his screenwriting debut on the upcoming Ridley Scott film Tripoli, which is what attracted Kennedy to the writer. "[Tripoli is a] very different genre than what we're talking about doing with Jurassic, which is why I'm excited about Jurassic, because I think he'll bring something to it that's going to make it feel fresh."

No director has been approached or even discussed yet for the project.