Pee-wee Herman is the T-rex in a new fan-made Jurassic Park video. Surprisingly, the clip works really well as Herman rides his iconic bike after the Jurassic team, who seem pretty scared to see him. It's currently unclear what Herman was going to do with his fellow humans if he ever caught up to them, but he was laughing maniacally the entire time, even when he hits a tree and falls off of his beloved bicycle. While short, one can easily see that a lot of work went into making the 30-second clip.

The T-rex from the original Jurassic Park movie was called Roberta on the storyboards, but most fans of the franchise refer to her as Rexy, thanks to the novel and game. YouTuber Pixel Riot was able to successfully digitally remove the dinosaur and replace it with Pee-wee Herman, which must have taken quite a long time to accomplish. Herman even shows up in the rearview mirror of the jeep and it looks like he was meant to be in the movie after all of this time.

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Pee-wee's Big Adventure hit theaters in 1985 and has been described as a parody of the 1948 Italian classic Bicycle Thieves. In the movie, Herman goes on a nationwide hunt to locate his stolen bicycle with some twists and turns that end up taking him to Hollywood. Seeing him replace the T-rex in Jurassic Park is one of the better edited videos to hit the internet in a long time and it's safe to say that it took a long time to put together. Whatever the case may be, you probably won't see Pee-wee's Big Adventure or Jurassic Park the same way ever again.

Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993 and was directed by Steven Spielberg. The project is based on Michael Crichton's 1990 book of the same name and is considered by many to be one of the best movies of all time. However, if they would have placed Paul Reubens' Pee-wee Herman in the movie, it probably would have done even better at the box office. Maybe Pixel Riot can start turning his 30-second clip into a full-length movie, replacing all of the dinosaurs with Pee-wee Herman.

The Jurassic Park and Pee-wee's Big Adventure mashup is just proof of how far and fest technology is moving. We've seen quite a few DeepFake videos in the past few years, which are quickly making reality questionable, much like watching Pee-wee Herman chase after the Jurassic jeep. Soon, it will be hard to decipher what is real and what is fake from all of these videos hitting the internet, which could end up being a bad thing. For now, we can all sit back and laugh at Pee-wee Herman injected into Jurassic Park. You can watch the video below, thanks to the Pixel Riot YouTube channel.