Are you ready to possibly visit a real deal, real-life Jurassic Park? Because it might be on the way. Sort of. No, science has not cracked the code on bringing dinosaurs back to life, but a Japanese company named ON-ART corp. has come up with the next best thing; super scary and super realistic dinosaur costumes.

Reuters is reporting that ON-ART Corp. has plans to use these new gigantic dinosaur suits in a theme park called "DINO-A-PARK." CEO Kazuya Kanemaru discussed his plans at an event that took place in Tokyo on November 10, where the company unveiled these scary, realistic dinosaurs. At the event, the company showed several different varieties of the suit, such as an Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Velociraptor.

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According to the report, people who visit "DINO-A-PARK" would be able to interact with and experience these intensely realistic creatures first hand. They may not be scientifically accurate in every way, because they don't have feathers or other features we have learned many dinosaurs had since the first Jurassic Park movie was released, but they are very convincing. Also, if you watch the video clip showcasing these dinosaur suits, interacting with them might include a simulation of getting eaten by a dinosaur. All of the fun with no actual threat of danger. It's a win-win.

The dinosaur suits that ON-ART corp. unveiled at the event in Tokyo measured a very impressive 26 feet tall. Even though some aspects of these massive, man-operated dinosaur suits may not be totally accurate, the company was diligent. According to the report, the dinosaur replicas were modeled using fossilized skeletons and are made from carbon fiber materials, the company stated during the event. The suits may be man-operated, but watching them move around, you would never know.

A real Jurassic Park with real dinosaurs may never happen. Not only because it is probably a terrible idea, but science isn't likely to ever get to a place where that is possible, let alone finding a crazy billionaire who wants to fund it. So, this proposed "DINO-A-PARK" from ON-ART corp. will be the next best thing. There was no word on when, or how, they intend to move forward with the park or where it will be located, but it is something to look forward to. You can check out the dinosaur suits for yourself in the video below. If you don't want to visit the 'real thing', Jurassic World 2 starts shooting in March, so there will always be the movies!