It's a pretty great time if you are a fan of the Jurassic Park movies. Jurassic World 2 is currently shooting for release next year, which comes after Jurassic World successfully breathed new life into the nearly extinct franchise. But if you need a little bit of T-rex action to fill the void until the next installment comes out next year, you're in luck. A brand new, never-before-seen sequence that was intended for the first Jurassic Park has made its way online.

This sequence may not be the fully realized, live-action version we'd all love to see, but the sequence does come from Phil Tippett's actual storyboards. So it is definitely authentic. The folks over at Jurassic Time put the storyboards together in the form of a video, complete with score and all, and uploaded it to their YouTube channel recently. This sequence reportedly went through quite a few various versions in the pre-production phase, but according to Jurassic Time, this is the last revised version that was provided before the sequence was scrapped. Here is what they had to say about it in a Facebook post.

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"This video presents one of the most famous ideas that didn't make it into the film: "Tyrannosaurus Rex At The Lagoon". Following closely to the tense sequence from the novel, the filmmakers also revised it with their own ideas, more than once. This version appears to be the last of the revisions, before it was scrapped entirely; along with the rest of the "river adventure" that was inspired and adapted into the classic Universal Studios attractions. This video uses the official original storyboards that were contained in Phil Tippett's Early Sequence Storyboard Binder, from his own collection."

Those familiar with the Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park novel will probably find this sequence familiar. The "lagoon" sequence was one of the most famous dinosaur scenes from the book and Steven Spielberg had plans to include it in the movie. It ultimately got cut and the indication is that it was cut for budgetary reasons. CGI was cutting-edge technology at the time and, doing a T-rex sequence in the water in this way would have been incredibly expensive. Not to mention very difficult to pull off. But even based on this storyboard video, it would have been extremely cool. It also would have been super tense in a way that almost nothing else in the movie was, and that is a pretty high bar.

This isn't the first bit of uncovered Jurassic Park gold that Jurassic Time has come across. They also have revealed other storyboarded sequences that didn't make the cut that included deleted scenes, and even an alternate version of Nedry's death where he loses the shaving cream canister. For being a seemingly small and fairly humble fan site, Jurassic Time is doing some pretty cool things for die-hard fans of the franchise. Be sure to check out the full T-rex lagoon sequence for yourself below, which looks more menacing and scary than a militerized dinosaur. Jurassic World 2 is currently shooting for release next summer.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott