If the past few years haven't made it painfully obvious, Hollywood is going a little sequel and reboot crazy these days. Even movies like Independence Day are getting sequels 20 years after the release of the original, with Resurgence coming out this weekend. Currently, the Licensing Expo is happening in Las Vegas and from what we have seen out of the convention so far, the sequels and reboots on display are plentiful.

Thanks to people on Twitter sharing photos as they walk around the Licensing Expo, we have got new looks at a whole bunch of upcoming big time sequels. Pretty much every big studio has brought some stuff to show off at the expo, because the show is all about companies licensing merchandise. That being the case, the studios have brought out their biggest properties, because that is where the big money is at in terms of licensing merchandise.

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Some of the biggest, new looks we got were promo posters for Jurassic World 2, Blade Runner 2 and the Jumanji reboot. The Jurassic World 2 poster is very much the same thing as the primary Jurassic World poster that featured the skeleton of the Indominus Rex. The only difference being that instead of a title, the poster features the June 22, 2018 release date for the movie. The Blade Runner poster is in a way, a bit more revealing. Instead of calling it Blade Runner 2, at least for now, the studio has it titled as The Blade Runner Sequel. That may very well just be a placeholder of sorts. The Jumanji poster looks a bit raw, but very reminiscent of the original, though the colorscape has changed a bit and features a shot of a forest as opposed to the board game.

On the animated side of things, Dreamworks Animation had a very big showing for some of their biggest franchises at the Licensing Expo. The studio had a logo poster displayed for How To Train Your Dragon 3, which recently got its release date moved up to May 18, 2018, which was originally intended for The LEGO Movie 2, which got delayed until 2019. On the LEGO side of things, the studio also had a new poster for The LEGO Batman Movie, which prominently features Will Arnett's Batman front and center against the yellow backdrop.

On the non-sequel side of things, Dreamworks also had a poster for their adaptation of the Captain Underpants books, which looks almost identical to one of the book covers. There was also a poster for the new Netflix Guillermo Del Toro series Trollhunters, which features the voice of Anton Yelchin, who tragically passed away in a freak car accident earlier this week. Be sure to check out all of the new promo posters for these movies below. We will keep you updated on all of the news coming out of the Licensing Expo, so stay tuned.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott