Earlier this month, it was confirmed that production starts this coming February in London on Jurassic World 2, Universal's highly-anticipated follow-up to the 2015 blockbuster Jurassic World. While Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow isn't returning to the helm, he is producing and writing the screenplay with his writing partner Derek Connolly. While there have been plenty of story rumors swirling as of late, new director Juan Antonio Bayona revealed some new details about this upcoming sequel.

Juan Antonio Bayona has a similar career trajectory to Colin Trevorrow, who went from directing the indie Safety Not Guaranteed to making Jurassic World in the span of three years. Juan Antonio Bayona made his feature directing debut with the beloved 2007 indie horror-thriller The Orphanage, which he followed up with the harrowing 2012 drama The Impossible, starring Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland, and the critically-acclaimed A Monster Calls, which opened in limited release this past weekend before expanding in the new year. The Playlist caught up with Juan Antonio Bayona, who revealed why he wanted to take on a sequel to Jurassic World.

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"After doing The Impossible and A Monster Calls I said, 'I want to have fun now. So, let's do a dinosaur film with Spielberg.' It's great, but at the same time it's massive and way bigger than [the last] one."

Juan Antonio Bayona has confirmed that Jurassic World 2 is the second installment of a new trilogy, with Steven Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow mapping out the entire three-part story. While we haven't gotten any official plot details yet, there has been talk that the story will feature weaponized dinosaurs with the plot moving off of Isla Nublar. While it remains to be seen when the first plot details will be released, Juan Antonio Bayona discusses the importance of finding a balance between aspects of the earlier movies fans loved, and creating new material.

"I think what is tricky about doing the fifth movie of a franchise is how will you bring in new stuff and still pay tribute to what we all know and the legacy of the film. So, it's the balance between the new stuff and the old stuff. I think Colin did a great job in the first one finding the balance between what people are expecting and what people are being again. I was kind of surprised when he pitched me the story because it leads the story to a place that we've never seen before and it brings some of the most important elements from the other films and makes something with them. I thought that was very interesting. It's the second chapter of a trilogy so it gets the story to a place that wants you leaving more and more."

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong have already been confirmed to return for the sequel, along with a few new cast members as well. Toby Jones, Rafe Spall and Justice Smith have joined the cast recently, although nothing has been confirmed about their characters. Back in October, a casting call surfaced that revealed details about a new central character named Lucy. The studio is looking for young girls who are at least 9 years old, but no older than 10 years old. The actress who wins the role must be a "sensitive and clever actress capable of handling long and complex scenes," capable of handling "a range of emotions from tender moments with her father, to anxiety, bravery, and shock." Hopefully we'll hear more about Lucy, and the rest of the new characters in Jurassic World 2 before filming starts in February.