Back in July, a report surfaced that production starts on Universal's highly-anticipatd sequel Jurassic World 2 on February 27, 2017 in Hawaii. That report was neither confirmed nor denied by Universal, but it also revealed that the bulk of the shooting will take place at Pinewood Studios in the U.K. Today we have confirmation that production is in fact starting in February, but in London, not Hawaii, as previously reported. Director J.A. Bayona recently teased that filming starts in March, but it seems that production will begin a bit earlier.

While it's possible that filming will also take place in Hawaii at the same time as the London shoot this February, the Hawaii location isn't mentioned by producer Frank Marshall, in his interview with MovieFone. The producer does confirm how excited he is about the project, and working with director Juan Antonio Bayona, who takes over at the helm for Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, who is still producing and co-writing the script with Derek Connolly. Here's what Frank Marshall had to say below.

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"I'm excited about that one. We're much further along. Actually, we start shooting in February in London. But I'm excited by the filmmaker, Juan Antonio Bayona, and what his take on the franchise and on the world of Jurassic is going to be. He's an exciting young filmmaker, and a lot like Colin Trevorrow was, he's an extraordinary filmmaker, but also a fan. So it's going to be nice to see what he comes up with."

Colin Trevorrow teased last August that this sequel will go off of Isla Nublar, and that it will address the notion of weaponized dinosaurs. It has also been confirmed that Jurassic World was the start of a new trilogy, which Colin Trevorrow is developing with Jurassic World executive producer and original Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg. While Frank Marshall wouldn't comment on any story details, he did tease that J.A. Bayona's films are often quite dark in nature, which may carry over to this movie. Here's what the producer had to say about his director's preparations for the sequel thus far.

"He's very meticulous in his preparation and in his doing storyboards and pre-viz, and he's a real shooter. If you've seen his other movies, you know that he has a dark side to him as well. So I'm kind of excited about what he's going to bring to the franchise."

The sequel is currently in casting mode, with Justice Smith (The Get Down) coming aboard last week in an unknown role. He will be joined by original Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt's Owen, Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire and B.D. Wong's Dr. Wu, along with fellow newcomers Toby Jones and Rafe Spall. Producer Colin Trevorrow recently teased on Twitter that Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire would be wearing some bulky brown boots in the sequel, instead of the high heels she was wearing in the original, a costume decision that was highly criticized. Hopefully we'll learn about more new cast members as we get closer to Jurassic World 2 starting production in just a few short months.