Is Jeff Goldblum teasing Ellie Sattler's return to the Jurassic Park franchise? Laura Dern has appeared in two movies in the franchise, the original 1993 classic and the less-than-great Jurassic Park III. At the moment, it doesn't look as though she's going to make her return in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but there's still a chance we could see her before the franchise packs it in. In a new interview, Goldblum, who returns as Ian Malcolm in the upcoming installment, may be hinting at Dern's eventual return.

Fans are very excited to see Jeff Goldblum back as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 2, but they would be even more happy if Laura Dern also comes back as Ellie Sattler. Goldblum was recently asked about his co-star's possible return in an interview and, while he was very careful not to spread around any needless rumors, he did state that the world would be a happier place if she comes back. But he also hints that it's not a matter of if, but when. Here's what Goldblum had to say.

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"I don't want to pass on gossip like my character. But it would be good news to me and to everyone, [to] millions and billions of people all over the world... all over the universe and cosmos when Ellie Sattler returns."

It's his use of the word "when" that makes this seem like something more than wishful thinking. So, the question becomes, when might we see Laura Dern back as Ellie Sattler in the Jurassic Park franchise? There's always a possibility that J.A. Bayona managed to sneak her in for a small cameo in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. However, it seems much more likely that, if she's going to return, it's going to be in Jurassic World 3, which was recently officially announced and given a summer 2021 release date by Universal.

While it hasn't been revealed what form Jurassic World 3 will take, mostly because there are a lot of surprises in store for us in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it feels like there's going to be way too much going on in the upcoming movie to squeeze Ellie Sattler into it. It's already been said that Ian Malcolm will have a small, albeit meaningful, role in Fallen Kingdom. Laura Dern previously told the producers, "If you guys make a last one, you gotta let Ellie Sattler come back." Jurassic World 3 would presumably be the last one and that would, based on her request, be the best time to bring her back.

The fact of the matter is, Laura Dern wants to return to the Jurassic Park franchise and, as Jeff Goldblum points out, the world would like to see her back as well. Will it be in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? We'll know for sure come June 22, but we may have to wait until 2021, depending on how things shake out. Just don't be surprised to hear of Ellie Sattler making a comeback before the Jurassic Park franchise wraps it up. This news comes to us courtesy of Entertainment Tonight.

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