Back in late February, Jurassic World 2 started production, and since then, we've only seen a few sneak peeks from the set thus far. There have been set photos that have teased the production is using old-school animatronic dinosaurs for this sequel, and today we have a new look at a few of these dinosaur puppets. These images confirm that two familiar dinosaurs, the Apatosaurus and the Dilophosaurus will be featured in this action-packed adventure. We even have a humorous image from the set courtesy of star Bryce Dallas Howard.

These images all surfaced on Twitter today from the Hawley U.K. set, with these photos taken outside one of the production buildings, where we can see the Apatosaurus and the Dilophosaurus housed inside. The massive Apatosaurus was featured in a pivotal and heartfelt scene in Jurassic World, where it is laying on the ground near death, after being attacked by the carnivorous Indominus Rex. Much to many fans' surprise, that huge dinosaur was created by using practical effects, and it seems from this photo that we'll see another practical Apatosaurus once again, although it still remains to be seen how this massive dinosaur will be used.

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As for the Dilophosaurous, that particular dinosaur was featured in an iconic scene from the original Jurassic Park movie, where this creature killed Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) in his Jeep, as he tried to flee the park with stolen dinosaur embryos. While there were no living Dilophosaurus' featured in Jurassic World, there was a Dilophosaurus featured on a holographic display in the Jurassic World Innovation Center. This holographic display did come in handy, though since it was used by Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins) to distract the Velociraptor named Delta, which allowed himself, his brother Zach (Nick Robinson), Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) to escape the building unharmed.

Last month, director J.A. Bayona shared his own set photos, revealing a glimpse at the puppeteer team that is bringing their massive dinosaurs to life on the set. The director wouldn't comment on what dinosaur was being used that particular day, but with a crew of 11 people, it's possible that they could be controlling a dinosaur like the massive Apatosaurus. Then again, there is so little we know about the story at this point, they could be controlling an enormous dinosaur the likes of which no Jurassic fan has seen before.

The last update we got was from writer-producer Colin Trevorrow, who confirmed that the original T-Rex from the first Jurassic Park movie will be featured in the sequel. Since that dinosaur is still on Isla Nublar, and there have been reports that the story takes place off the island, it remains to be seen how the T-Rex will fit into the story. Aside from these dinosaur set photos, there are also more images from the Jurassic World 2 set below, which shows a number of massive vehicles, and a few overturned cars, along with Bryce Dallas Howard's humorous image. Take a look at these images below as Jurassic World 2 continues production.