Get ready for a lot more dinosaur goodness, because Jurassic World is definitely going to be a trilogy. While Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow had previously stated that he and Steven Spielberg had conceived that Jurassic Park revival as a trilogy, it has now been confirmed that is indeed going to be the case. Jurassic World 2 director J.A. Bayona recently stated that his contribution to the franchise will indeed be the second part of a new trilogy.

Bayona is currently at the Toronto International Film Festival in support of his new movie A Monster Calls. While that movie is getting rave reviews and a lot of buzz, there is obviously a ton of interest in his next movie, the highly-anticipated Jurassic World sequel. LRM caught up with Bayona at the festival and the director revealed some details about Jurassic World 2, including the confirmation that it will be a trilogy, as well as some other information. Here is what he had to say.

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"I think they love 'The Impossible' and 'The Orphanage'-especially Colin (Trevorrow) loved those movies. It's very interesting. The whole 'Jurassic World' is a trilogy that Colin Trevorrow has envisioned. We're writing the second chapter, and it's very interesting where he's leading the story. I grew up watching Steven Spielberg movies and I love those movies and the legacy, so it's a question of being truthful to the legacy and at the same time, bringing new stuff that people will appreciate. We are still six months ahead of shooting, and so far, so good. It's very exciting right now."

So there is a lot to dig into there. For one, he has confirmed the trilogy plan, which is something we suspected and had been stated previously, but now it is a real thing. They are also still working on the script, so they are clearly taking their time with the story, which should be encouraging. Bayona also confirmed that production is on track, as it was originally reported that filming would start in February in Hawaii. So, that would seem to fit into the stated six-month timeline, give or take. He also mentioned that they will be bringing in some "new stuff," which something that the franchise will need in order to not suffer the fate of Jurassic Park III.

While we don't know a lot about specific plot details, we do know a few things about Jurassic World 2. Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are set to reprise their roles, which seems like a no-brainer, especially in the case of Pratt. It has also been stated by Trevorrow that the Jurassic World sequel won't be sticking to dinosaurs chasing people around on an island. The franchise needs to go to new places and it looks like those new places will be out in the real world. It is also likely that the idea of militarized dinosaurs will also be explored further, as many of the embryos made it off the island with InGen.

The Jurassic Park franchise had been dormant for 14 years after the failure of Jurassic Park III, but Jurassic World was able to totally reinvigorate it. It was generally well-received by critics and fans, but more importantly for Legendary and Universal, it made a ton of money. Jurassic World made a staggering $1.67 billion worldwide, which ensured we were at least getting one more movie, but now we know we are getting at least two. Jurassic World 2 is set for release on June 22, 2018. We will be sure to keep you updated as more details become available.