Some evidence suggests that Jurassic World 3 may have, rather sneakily, already started filming, at least in part, earlier this year. If not the next entry in the movie franchise, some dinosaur shenanigans appear to have been going on, but what might they be? We're here to try and figure that out. Though, for now, before digging in, since Universal Pictures hasn't directly weighed in, some of what we're about to talk about should be regarded merely as rumor for the time being.

Here's where this all started; several local publications in Ireland alleged earlier this year that Jurassic World 3 was filming sequences in the country back in January. Apparently, the locations were just outside of Dublin and are heavily forested. What's more, these weren't just minor pickup shots. Reportedly, animatronic dinosaurs were spotted on site, meaning whatever filming was taking place (if it is indeed for the movie, but more on that in a minute) was for action sequences and not just some random pickup shots.

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As we understand it, director Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael (Pacific Rim: Uprising) are still hammering out the script and principal photography hasn't yet kicked off, or we surely would have heard something by now. The movie isn't scheduled to arrive until summer 2021, so we've still got plenty of time. However, Bryce Dallas Howard, who will reprise as Claire in the movie, was recently making the rounds to promote Rocketman and she poured a little bit of additional fuel on the fire. When specifically asked about the alleged filming in Ireland, the actress had this to say.

"I can't answer that question [laughs]. I can't say anything. I'm not saying no."

The interviewer then joked about Bryce Dallas Howard enjoying her time there. The actress chimed in clarifying, "I wasn't there," with a strong emphasis on the I bit, indicating that somebody definitely was. Honestly, she has a pretty bad poker face in the interview and it seems like some Jurassic stuff was definitely taking place in Ireland. But let's discuss what this may have been, if it wasn't actually for the next movie in the franchise. Believe it or not, there are actually a couple of other options that may have required animatronic dinosaurs.

One option is the live-action short we've heard a bit about. Supposedly, Universal is going to film a short that will be attached to the theatrical release of Hobbs and Shaw later this year. Some toy packaging also recently started making the rounds promoting something titled Jurassic World: Battle at Big Rock, suggesting that this could indeed be the title of said short. So perhaps this Ireland business was in relation to the short?

The other option has to do with Jurassic World: The Ride, which is scheduled to open at Universal Studios Hollywood this summer. The attraction will feature high-tech updates and it's possible the creative team might have actually filmed some new segments for the ride. Either way, it seems that something was definitely filmed in Ireland this year with dinosaurs in it. We'll have to wait for some sort of official confirmation, if we ever get any, to figure out what it may have been. Jurassic World 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 11, 2021. This news was previously reported by Jurassic Outpost.