Jurassic World came out a little over a year ago and by most accounts, was a welcomed sequel after the disaster that was Jurassic Park III. For many, the idea of getting to see a fully functioning version of Jurassic Park was very cool, but the movie had been in development for a very long time, and changed a lot along the way. Now, thanks to concept artist Seth Engstrom, we got a look at how Jurassic World could have been a little bit different.

Engstrom very recently took to his personal blog to share some concept art from Jurassic World that had not been seen previously. Much of the material that he shared featured familiar sights, such as glory shots of the park and the train coming through the Jurassic World doors. But, there were a few very interesting pieces of art included in the batch that would have painted a very different picture of at least certain parts of the movie, but maybe the project as a whole.

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Various versions of Jurassic Park IV were in development for more than a decade, and we have seen versions that included human/dino hybrids, which are truly bizarre. Once Steven Spielberg came up with the idea to do the fully functioning park, things really got off and running and that is where Engstrom comes into play. But even once that general idea was decided on as a framing device for the story, it is clear that there were several different ways the story and the tone could have went, as evidenced by some of this new art.

By far one of the most eye-catching and interesting shots of the bunch is one that features the T-Rex, ripping apart a bridge, with a Velociraptor looking on, and an active volcano in the background. This scene looks like something more befitting of a King Kong movie than it does the version of Jurassic World that we got, but it is still really cool and might have been a lot of fun to see on screen. There is another very fascinating shot, which anyone who watched the Jurassic World bonus features will already be semi familiar with. The shot features the Indominus Rex ripping off the head of a robotic T-Rex. Director Colin Trevorrow spoke a bit about the scene in the DVD extras and why it was left out.

"It was the right choice. I just love the idea of a dinosaur biting the head off of a robot. But I think that's the problem. I get excited because something is awesome. And I don't necessarily think about all of the reasons why, how it might be interpreted by people. Steven (Spielberg) has a really good eye for how things will be processed, and he saw that and didn't want anyone to think that we're saying our CGI dinosaur is biting the head off of an animatronic, and destroying animatronics and asserting its dominance. Because none of us feel that way."

The scene, based on the concept art, definitely looks like it might have been a very visually great moment, but definitely would have been read into. Especially considering many people had complaints about the CGI dinosaurs being overly used in Jurassic World as is. What is maybe most interesting about the Engstrom's concept art is just how closely most of it is to what ended up in the movie, much of it looking like it jumped right off the screen. All of this has us wondering, where will the sequel go?

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott