While we wait for an official announcement in regard to the release of the first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a new augmented reality book suggests that fans are going to be in for a real treat with the inclusion of a fan favorite dinosaur that's never been shown on the big screen. The eminent threat of a volcanic eruption has been confirmed from numerous pieces of artwork featured on upcoming products, as well as the return of Velociraptor Blue and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The new comer to the big screen has a long history with the franchise, going as far back as the original Jurassic Park.

The new Jurassic World 2 augmented reality book is up for pre-order and like most movies with potential merchandise tie-ins, there are potential spoilers to be found, so you have been warned. The product information for the book reveals that two new dinosaurs will be facing off against Chris Pratt in Jurassic World 2 and one of them is the fan favorite Baryonyx. The other dinosaur isn't named, but we're told that it's a "terrifying" new hybrid dinosaur. The product info reads.

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"Carlton's official Augmented Reality book is jam-packed with exclusive movie imagery and background facts, and lets you experience original Jurassic World dinosaurs through mind-blowing next-generation, fully interactive Digital Magic. Learn how to bond with and train alpha Velociraptor "Blue", then use her as your protector and guide as you encounter other dinosaurs through the app. From brand-new movie dinosaur characters including awesome Baryonyx and a terrifying new hybrid breed, to old favourites like T. Rex and Stegosaurus, this Jurassic World AR book will wow readers all over again."

As previously mentioned, the Baryonyx has a lot of history with the Jurassic Park franchise and was around during the first book and was in the Isla Nublar during the events of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. In addition, the Baryonyx's name can be found on the Jurassic World park map and is one of the dinosaurs that visitors can see on the "Cretaceous Cruise." Adding to the fan allure, the Baryonyx was reportedly supposed to be the main antagonist in Jurassic Park 3, but was later changed out with its larger cousin, the Spinosaurus.

The Baryonyx has had quite the history with Jurassic Park, but has never made it on to the big screen after appearing in books and almost making it into Jurassic Park 3. While this book is no guarantee that the dinosaur will show up in Jurassic World 2, it is definitely the perfect time to bring the dinosaur back as a callback to the original source material and as a treat for long-time fans who have been waiting to see the mighty Baryonyx make it to the big screen. We'll just have to wait and see when that trailer drops if the fan favorite dinosaur is included or not.

Speaking of the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, director J.A. Boyana recently sent out a teaser image for the trailer featuring the green MPAA rating screen. The trailer is confirmed to play in front of The Last Jedi, but it will obviously need to be released online before it gets lost in the shuffle playing in front of the latest Star Wars installment. While no official date has been announced, many speculate that the trailer will be released on Thursday, December 7th. While we wait for confirmation, check out the product details of the new Jurassic World 2 augmented reality book courtesy of Carlton Books U.K. and try and imagine what the Baryonyx will look like on the big screen.