If you're hungry for some new footage from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this featurette just might do the trick. Universal Pictures has just released this new look at the highly-anticipated sequel ahead of its debut in theaters next month. While the new footage featured here is relatively brief, there is also a lot to soak in from the cast and crew. Plus, this is by far the most succinct and thorough explanation of the movie's full plot that we've had so far.

On that note, if you want to go into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom without knowing exactly how the acts are going to unfold, this may reveal a bit much for your liking. That said, ever since the first trailer debuted, many thought that the volcanic eruption on Isla Nublar was going to be the biggest threat and would serve as the climactic set piece for this movie. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, who co-wrote and serves as an executive producer on the sequel, made it clear that the volcano eruption happens within the first hour of the movie.

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This featurette explains, very briefly, what Jurassic World was in relation to the original Jurassic Park and how this sequel is going to differentiate itself. Bryce Dallas Howard explains that the first chunk will feel like a classic movie within the franchise. So, dinosaurs chasing people on an island. However, things go wrong during a mission to rescue the creatures from the island and some seedy men bring them back to the mainland to auction them off at a fancy mansion. Enter the new hybrid, the Indoraptor, which is created using Owen's (Chris Pratt) old pal Blue. Director J.A. Bayona says that Blue is the "heart" of Jurassic World 2.

Clearly, this auctioning off dinosaur business doesn't go according to plan and they get loose on the mainland on a massive scale. Owen and Claire go on a mission to shut down the people behind this and, we can assume, get innocent people out of harm's way. But with no park to bring the dinosaurs back to, it looks like somehow, whatever dinosaurs remain are going to have to find a way to co-exist with humans. If one were to bet, Jurassic World 3, which has already been announced, is probably going to more closely resemble Planet of the Apes.

This movie is going to feature more practical dinosaur effects than we've seen in a long time and, even though it looks like it could go off the rails, it appears as though this movie is trying something a bit new within the franchise. Will that all work out? It's tough to say at this point, but that shot of the Mosasaurus in the ocean is still really cool. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom arrives in theaters on June 22. Be sure to check out the brand new featurette, courtesy of the Universal Pictures YouTube channel, for yourself below.