While 2016 has been awash in white washing controversy due to several movies changing their ethnic character's race to caucasian, 2015 was about a much sillier controversy altogether. Anyone who saw Jurassic World was stunned that the lead character played by Bryce Dallas Howard was required to spend the entire duration of the movie running away from Dinosaurs in her high heels. More than a year after that blockbuster's release, Howard has opened up about the controversy, which still proves to be irksome for some particular fans. But she is not in the least bit bothered by it. In fact, she quite enjoys it to this day.

Bryce Dallas Howard spoke to Huffington Post about this outrage that has lasted more than a year. Over that period of time, there have been plenty of memes about those high heels. And one video even went back and added high heels to all the characters in the original Jurassic Park movie, including the dinosaurs. Which all makes Howard quite gleeful. She claims she's never had anything but fun with all the backlash. She exclaims.

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"Oh my gosh! It's my favorite stuff, just the GIFs online. I mean, did you see the really funny thing where it had everyone from the previous film, including the dinosaurs, wearing heels? That was hilarious. It's obviously something totally unexpected, and I have a running joke for the rest of my life perhaps. I can be one of those people that's constantly referencing it, even 80 years from now."

It's good to see that Bryce has remained in high spirits about the whole thing. The actress has already been confirmed to return for Jurassic World 2, which will reunite her with co-star Chris Pratt. The movie is scheduled to premiere June 22, 2018. And while the sequel is bringing in new director J.A. Bayona, best known for A Monster Calls, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow is coming back to help with the script and produce. Early on, he promised there would be no high heels in Jurassic World 2. Bryce Dallas Howard intends to see that J.A. Bayona carries through with that promise. So have all of the high heels been cleared from the Jurassic World 2 set? The actress says this.

"As far as I'm aware. I'm just gonna keep saying it to make sure that is actually what happens."

There will probably be at least some joke or reference to those infamous high heels in Jurassic World 2, though. The movie kind of demands it at this point. At this time, the storyline hasn't been divulged, though it is rumored to expand on the idea of militarized dinosaurs and how they will be used by the government. The first Jurassic World brought in $1.67 billion at the world wide box office. So Jurassic World should be a bonafide blockbuster when it arrives in two years, with or without high heels.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange