Earlier this month, new promo art from Universal's Jurassic World gave us our best look at the action-adventure's brand new dinosaur, the Indominus Rex, a.k.a. D-Rex. Today, the official website for Jurassic World was updated with a new poster teasing Indominus Rex, giving us a close-up look at the massive teeth this dinosaur uses to destroy its prey. The website also reveals that this dinosaur stands 40 feet tall, and was brought to life in the Hammond Creation Lab at the Jurassic World resort. Take a look at the official description of Indominus Rex from the website.

"We set out to make Indominus the most fearsome dinosaur ever to be displayed at Jurassic World. The genetic engineers at our Hammond Creation Lab have more than delivered. At first glance, Indominus most closely resembles a T. Rex. But its distinctive head ornamentation and ultra-tough bony osteoderms can be traced from Theropods known as Abeliosaurs. Indominus' horns have been placed above the eye orbit through genetic material hybridized from Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Giganotosaurus. Fearsome indeed. Indominus' roar is estimated to reach 140-160db-the same as a 747 taking off and landing. And it can reach speeds of 30 mph...while confined to its enclosure. Come experience Indominus Rex for yourself beginning this summer. If you dare."

Unfortunately, the D-Rex wasn't put on display in the first trailer that arrived back in November, but director Colin Trevorrow's action-packed sequel will release a new trailer during the Super Bowl this weekend. Could this be the first time we see Indominus Rex in action? Take a look at the photos below, and let us know what you think about this massive dinosaur.

<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Indominus Rex Photo 1
<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Indominus Rex Photo 2
<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Indominus Rex Photo 3