When the first trailer debuted in November for Jurassic World, one of the characters we didn't get to see was Jake Johnson, who previously starred in director Colin Trevorrow's first feature Safety Not Guaranteed. While we wait to see the New Girl star in action on Isla Nublar, Jake Johnson recently revealed new details during an interview with MTV, where he spoke about working with writer Derek Connolly and director Colin Trevorrow again, and how they made this massive production feel 'normal.'

"That's the question I haven't gotten, is actually how easy it was between action and cut, because they're my friends. We've worked together. We were here at Sundance. We had this indie we made for $600,000, and then we're on that set, so everything, from going through hair and makeup, to wardrobe, to walking on these enormous sets, was so weird. And then, when Colin calls quiet, it's just, 'Oh, right. Now I'm just doing Derek and Colin's words.' Colin's at the monitor going, 'Got it.' (Chris) Pratt is so good in it and he's so easy to work with. Bryce (Dallas Howard) is so good, it was a really fun one."
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When asked how much time on set was spent running away from dinosaurs, or if he is eaten, Jake Johnson had this to say:

"I can't talk about any of it, but nice try, Spider-Man."

He did add that his character's name is Lowery, joking that he is murdered before the movie starts and that his character is "all back story." Of course, we'll have to wait until Jurassic World hits theaters this summer to find out if Jake Johnson's Lowery is actually eaten by dinosaurs, but stay tuned for more details on Jurassic World as we get closer to the June 12 release. We'll also see new footage this weekend during the movie's Super Bowl trailer, so stay tuned for that as well.