Back in February, the official Jurassic World website launched a live cam feature, where fans can check out security camera feeds from several different areas of the sprawling resort. With fans getting ready to hit theaters tonight for early Jurassic World screenings, the live feeds reveal that chaos has erupted on Isla Nublar. While many of the feeds are down, or show little to no activity, there are several such as Main Street and the Innovation Center that show thousands of tourists running for their lives. The camera feeds can be found at, and it will be interesting to see if these change throughout the weekend after Jurassic World hits theaters.

Set twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World takes fans back to Isla Nublar, now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitor's interest, which backfires horribly. It is this "new attraction," the new dinosaur known as the Indominus Rex, that is likely causing all the chaos.

In addition to the live cams, we also have a new featurette where stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Nick Robinson reveal why fans should see this adventure in the IMAX 3D format. Director Colin Trevorrow also adds that he shot the movie specifically for IMAX, and that their native aspect ratio is the same as any IMAX theater in the world. Check out the featurette below, and then visit to check out all of the chaos unfolding on Isla Nublar for yourself.

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