We have some brand new details regarding the Jurassic World Live Tour. Universal is doing everything they can to expand the franchise, since the past two movies have grossed nearly $3 billion combined at the box office. Their next endeavor is a live stage show that will be making its way across the country starting in September. As it turns it out, this isn't purely a stunt, as the story being told will be canon within the franchise. Not only that, but there is going to be some legit dino action at its center.

The show will take place between the events of the first Jurassic World and last year's Fallen Kingdom. One major element of the show is that it will be introducing a new dinosaur, a Troodon by the name of Jeanie, to the canon. This is a creature that has never been featured in the franchise up to this point. Project manager Corey McCourt had this to say about it at a recent press event.

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"She's slightly smaller in size than, say, a raptor, but she can still go toe to toe with a raptor. Very intelligent, she conveys a lot of emotion and inquisitiveness."

The dinosaurs on stage are full-size animatronic creations, which look rather impressive. As for the story hinges on a device known as a Dino Decoder, which was Created by Isla Nublar scientist Dr. Kate Walker (Madison Embrey). The device makes it so that humans can understand dinosaur emotions. As for why we haven't seen Kate in the movies? Apparently, she just doesn't have much to do with the characters we've come to know, such as Owen and Claire. But she's been there in the background the whole time. Co-director Ross Nicholson had this to say about the Dino Decoder.

"This is a new bit of technology that translates dinosaur thoughts and emotions into human language, so we can determine whether a dinosaur feels happy or sad or angry or scared."

Another important element to the show is that Steven Spielberg, who directed the original Jurassic Park, and Colin Trevorrow, who is the key creative figure behind the new movies, were both consulted heavily on the stage show. Spielberg, for his part, wanted to see humor injected into the production. Another thing that they've done, to the probable delight of fans, is crafted a full-size T-rex that will be used on stage. Co-director Dan Shipton explained how that came to be.

"Steven was also telling us about when he was making Jurassic Park, that his dream was make a full-sized T. rex, but he never got around to it. He obviously did what he did, and it made an incredible film. So, when he went back to it and CGI had moved on, they just jumped the animatronic part and made the T. rex with CGI. He's so excited that we're getting a real, full animatronic T. rex on the stage, and that's something that he had dreamed of and was excited that we're actually making that dream come true for him."

The Jurassic World Live Tour kicks off this September with its first shows in Columbus, Ohio. It will be making its way across the country into 2020, with more dates and cities to be announced in the future. Tickets for the event are on sale now. We've included a trailer, as well as photos from those who were at the recent press event, below. This news was previously reported by SyFy.