For a limited time, guests in Japan can visit the Jurassic World café to eat some food inspired by the hit movie franchise. The café was opened to coincide with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and it features food that is based off of the sequel. The promotion will start on July 5th in Tokyo and will run until August 6th, 2018; followed by a further 7-weeks in Osaka from August 10th to September 30th, 2018. Visitors and dino enthusiasts will have their choice between three different entrees as well as desserts and drinks.

The Jurassic World Burger comes with mushrooms and bacon with a side of fries and a plate that looks like it was scraped by a raptor. While the burger looks pretty prehistoric, it's the black bun that takes it over the top. The Jurassic World Burger looks pretty intense, even for a dinosaur-themed restaurant. Next up is the Volcano Curry, which looks exactly like it sounds with a mountain exploding with curry next to a salad that looks pretty close to a jungle. Without a doubt, the Volcano Curry looks the most like Jurassic World out of all of the entrees.

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The final entree at the Jurassic World café is the Powerful Wildplate, which doesn't really look like anything from the hit movie franchise. However, the plate looks pretty awesome with raptor footprints. The dessert menu follows with some pretty intriguing dishes. The Fossil Excavation Cake looks especially creative and comes with a brush to uncover those sweet and tasty dinosaur bones. The Volcano Pudding looks pretty much like the curry dish, but a lot smaller. It even comes with a sweet looking salad as well to keep the jungle theme going.

The Geologic Parfait doesn't even look like food. The dish looks like a decoration that a fan of Jurassic World would have in their living room, complete with dinosaurs hanging out on the top of it. While it looks good, it also looks like something you might not want to put in your body. The most fascinating of all of the desserts has to be the Dinosaur Egg Cake, which features a dinosaur breaking out of an egg to stare the café guest down while they eat it.

Finally, there's some Jurassic World cupcakes called Dinosaur Cake (2 types: T-Rex or Blue) that are available for take-out. Next to the Dinosaur Egg Cake, these are the most detailed items on the menu and they look awesome. Dinosaur Coffee Latte are also available for Jurassic World fans and they have the choice of having the illustrations of T-rex, Blue or the mosasaurus foam printing on their lattes. Additionally, there is the Mosasaurus Soda as well as the Amber Jelly and Green Tea White Chocolate Smoothie. All drinks come with free Jurassic World café coasters for guests to take home and rest their own drink of choice on them. There's no word if the café will make it to North America, but it looks like it certainly should. You can check out all of the menu items at Wow Japan.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick