Jurassic World is being described today as a 'phenomenon', the type that hits theaters only once a year. It has the biggest June opening day box office on record, pulling in more than $80 million and counting. So, there is no doubt we'll get a sequel. Does that mean Chris Pratt will return for another visit to Jurassic World? The actor confirms that, yes, he will be back. But he sounds a little too optimistic about exactly how many sequels he will return in. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he explains that sequels are written into his contract.

"I am. They have me for I think 38 movies or something. "
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Jurassic World's box office success can be chalked up to the fact that fans have waited over 22 years for a sequel. So far, the dinosaur thriller has pulled in a record breaking $82.8 million to become the biggest June opening day release of all-time. It beats previous record holder The Twilight Saga: Eclipse by a long mile, with that film only pulling in $68.5 million when it was released June 30, 2011. The film has garnered a rare A CinemaScore, which means audiences love it and will likely be back for repeat viewings this weekend. This is Chris Pratt's third giant blockbuster release in a row following last year's The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't look for this guy to be going anywhere anytime soon, especially since he's rumored to play Indiana Jones in a reboot for Disney and LucasFilm. How many more sequels do you want? While we wait for the next one, be sure to check out what Nick Robinson told us in a recent interview.

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B. Alan Orange