We were recently treated to a live-action Jurassic World short titled Battle at Big Rock, and that has opened up other questions about the future of the franchise. Namely, will we be getting a full-on, live-action Jurassic World TV series in the future? The answer isn't so simple as yes or no at the moment, and recent rumblings in the rumor mill certainly haven't helped matters any. However, it does seem to be a strong possibility, depending on the appetite for such a thing from fans.

Director Colin Trevorrow, who is getting ready to helm Jurassic World 3, recently attended a screening of Jurassic World and participated in a Q&A after. One fan asked about the possibility of a live-action TV series down the line. Remaining non-committal, Trevorrow simply hinted that if fans demand it, Universal Pictures will make it happen. Here's what Trevorrow had to say.

"If the audience demands [other live-action stories], we will provide."

Jurassic World 3 is poised to end this new trilogy and looks to wrap up the big screen version of the franchise, at least for a while. But this is one of Universal's true cash cows. There is almost no way they just allow it to sit and collect dust. Case in point, they've got the animated Camp Cretacious series coming to Netflix. They're already testing the waters to see if Jurassic Park can work on TV. That said, the notion of creating a live-action show with dinosaurs in it, week-to-week, is far more complicated and could present issues, namely when it comes to the budget. At the same time, if Amazon is shelling out untold millions for its Lord of the Rings TV series, surely someone would be interested in this franchise.

Battle at Big Rock was all of eight minutes and seemed more like a way to help generate some positive buzz for JW3, as opposed to being a backdoor pilot presentation for a TV series. That said, the response to the short has been largely positive and Universal has surely taken note. The internet is currently lousy with rumors that a live-action show is already in development, and that it could even be coming soon. To be perfectly clear, there is no actual evidence to support those rumors. It's certainly possible Universal and/or Colin Trevorrow have something brewing, but there is no official word on that front. So, for now, this should all be regarded as nothing more than rumors, in addition to being something Trevorrow is potentially interested in.

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Not all that long ago, this would have seemed like a pipedream. Yet, several Star Wars TV shows, such as The Mandalorian, are coming to Disney+. The content wars are heating up and more and more franchises are expanding to both movies and TV. If any franchise (that hasn't already) is poised to make a similar leap in the future, it's this one. Jurassic World 3, meanwhile, is set to arrive on June 11, 2021. This news was previously reported by Jurassic Outpost.

Ryan Scott