Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and B.D. Wong are set to reprise their roles from Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom in Jurassic World: The Ride. Yes, Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu will be a part of Universal Studios Hollywood's latest attraction, which is set to open later this summer. While this may have a tough time living up to the classic Jurassic Park: The Ride, which this will be replacing, at least it will have an authentic feel to the movies in this way.

This marks the first time the cast members will appear as their characters outside of the movies for a theme park attraction. It was previously revealed that Jurassic World: The Ride will craft a new story set within the franchise. Owen, Claire and Dr. Wu will shed light on their interactions with the dinosaurs, as well as present facts and information about the prehistoric creatures for the attraction.

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The new ride will feature an original storyline that will take park goers on an excursion through the theme park, before the events of last year's Fallen Kingdom, given that Isla Nublar was wiped off the map in that movie. As previously revealed, the attraction will include the hybrid Indominus rex and the gigantic aquatic Mosasaurus, who will be featured in a gigantic water tank. Those who go on the ride will get to see the creature up close in her Aquarium Observatory. The ride will make the creature look 60 feet long, in addition to weighing 30 thousand pounds. This will be accomplished through state-of-the-art visual effects. The Mosasaurus will be moving just inches away from those on the ride in her enclosure filled with "the equivalent" of 3.5 million gallons of water.

Having Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard on board will lend a certain amount of credibility and star power to the new ride. It's commonplace to have movie stars act in theme park attractions these days. Pratt, for example, reprised his role as Star-Lord for Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout at Disney's California Adventure. It's also nice to know that B.D. Wong, who has been with the franchise since the very beginning, will be back. This could also help fill the void until Jurassic World 3 actually gets underway. The third and presumably final entry in the franchise is set for release in summer 2021. Colin Trevorrow, who directed the first movie, is returning to the director's chair, after having stepped aside for Fallen Kingdom, which was directed by J.A. Bayona.

As much as Jurassic Park: The Ride was a classic, the animatronics were showing their age. For this new attraction, Universal Creative collaborated with Industrial Light and Magic to bring the Mosasaurus to life, employing various new, groundbreaking technologies. Other dinosaurs features on the ride will also be updated. The ride will also include a new entry area, stonework, landscaping and a redesign of the gates to reflect the Jurassic World franchise. While no specific date has been set, Jurassic World: The Ride is set to open this summer at Universal Studios Hollywood.