With the first day of summer right around the corner, you might want to make some travel plans to visit the Universal Theme Park this year. The park has announced the Grand Opening of its blockbuster attraction, Jurassic World - The Ride for this summer season. Details to date have been scant so we are happy to report that Universal Studios Hollywood released a whole bunch of new information about the upcoming ride for us to digest today.

Taking their gigantic movie franchise from the movie screen to the movie theme park, the ride they created aims to immerse the guest in carefully crafted environs that feature the famous Jurassic dinos, including some all new fan favorites that were created exclusively by Jurassic World Film for Universal Films and Amblin Entertainment.

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The new ride brings the massive scale of the movies into theme park mode by using the incredible minds at Universal Creative. The Academy Award winning special effects visionaries at Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucasfilm, Ltd. are in on making the ride, so you know it will be good.

The ride will have a storyline as you go through the experience set in a Jurassic World like the one we have seen in the movies. In the new attraction, do expect to see some new dinosaurs housed in a lush pre-historic set design, powered by ground breaking tech that was specifically incorporated to work with this incredible attraction. Jurassic World-The Ride will be a fully immersive experience, welcoming you inside the actual world created by the studio in the Jurassic World films. When you board the ride you will be greeted with stonework landscaping alongside contemporary iconic pillars illuminated with live flashing flames proudly showing off the franchise marquee logo done in their trademark script.

You won't be bored waiting in line either. Universal is putting a bunch of monitors up that will show short films about the dinos that lived here over 65 million years ago. So while you are waiting to get in to see them you can learn about the creatures that are featured in the exciting new ride.

After braving the line, you will have to brave the ride. You are going to be put on specially designed rafts that will navigate through lush dense vegetation. The scenes you will encounter contain dangerous dinosaurs doing things at a mere arm's length from you. There will also be some very impressive larger docile dinos on scene. The Stegosaurus and Parasaurolophus to name a few, will be feeding as usual when their tranquil lives are quickly transformed when the predatory meat eaters Velocirapator and Dilophosaurus begin to wreak havoc trying to take down the larger beasts for food.

Don't forget the T-Rex. He was the unequivocal star of all the fan favorite films. T-Rex will make an appearance in the new ride when he arrives to battle another behemoth dinosaur. The raft you are on will then spill down a treacherous 84-foot waterfall. The waterfall is set up to be your sole means of escape, so you have no choice but to take the plunge.

Located next to the ride will be a new elaborately themed Raptor Encounter where Blue, the most beloved and deadly Velociraptor and some of her friends will engage you directly. My heart is already beating faster. In addition to the ride and the raptor attraction, there will be a Dino Play area for kids where they can learn about the dinosaurs with onsite excavations that include giant dinosaur fossils. This news comes direct from Universal Studios.

Jurassic World The Ride Poster