Many fans hoped that Universal Pictures would showcase the first trailer for Jurassic World at Comic-Con 2014, although that never happened since production was still ongoing. After production wrapped in August, many have wondered when the first footage will be released. It seems we may get that trailer sooner rather than later, with the first description of the new footage surfacing from YouTube user Ivan Flores.

Ivan's video was blocked by NBC Universal, which adds to the validity of these details, but has transcribed the description from his video, which you can take a look at below.

OPEN: UNIVERSAL and LEGENDARY logo- cut to ferryboat, filled with tourists. The camera pans around to show Isla Nublar. A few scenes pass by, showcasing the arrival to the island. The next scene shows a vehicle passing through large gates, much like the Jurassic Park gates, that read Jurassic World. Queue small montage of scenes showcasing the park, filled with tourists. (Note: at some point during these scenes title cards that read "THE PARK" "IS OPEN" appear)

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One scene that is described specifically is of a vehicle casually driving through a field, surrounded by bipedal dinosaurs, likely Gallimimus. The next described scene specifically is of two passengers (likely Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) inside of a 'clear bubble-shaped vehicle" (the Gyrosphere), next to large Sauropods, which are likely Apatosaurs.

A few more scenes go by, which lead into a Great White Shark, hung upside-down over water, with visitors onlooking. Suddenly the water explodes, and the huge head of Mosasaur leaps upward, encompassing the shark, and pulling it under, thus soaking the guests watching in awe.

We then see a closeup of a mosquito inside of amber, and cut to Bryce Dallas Howard saying a line along the lines of "We have learned more about genetics in the past decade than the past century" and "We are now able to create our own dinosaurs from scratch".

We now see Chris Pratt for the first time, walking into a room questioning an apparent situation. We cut to see a huge wall of a paddocks interior, covered in deep scratches. It is then mentioned that the 'creature' is loose, and a line similar to "She is deadly, and she will find us" is said. Cut to a person being dragged through a dark jungle, from a first-person perspective, only showcasing his feet. Next we see someone fall into water, followed by a woman screaming in terror.

Cut to title Jurassic World, followed by Chris Pratt saying "If we're gonna do this, we do this my way" pans to a muzzled Velociraptor that he gently pats on the head. It is then followed by a scene of a pack of raptors charging through the jungle. The trailer finishes with a title card that reads "JUNE 12th, 2015".

Ivan Flores revealed on his YouTube page that he saw the trailer at a Regal Cinemas, where he was asked to participate in a survey about films being released in June 2015. After being given a choice of different movies, he chose Jurassic World.

You may recall that some of these details were leaked in a report from June 2013, which was never confirmed by Universal Pictures. Of course, details from this trailer description haven't been confirmed either, but Jurassic World claims that this description includes details of a scene that was described to the site's writers in private, which wasn't public knowledge before Ivan's video was released.

There have also been rumors that the first Jurassic World trailer will be attached to prints of Interstellar, which hits theaters on November 7. speculates that fans will only get a Jurassic World teaser attached Interstellar, with a full trailer debuting in early 2015.

What do you think of the trailer description? Chime in with your thoughts below.