/jurassic-world-trailer/Arriving earlier than expected, Universal has debuted the first trailer for Jurassic World in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. And with it comes our first real look at this true sequel to the 1993 original Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg. While Spielberg is back as a producer this time out, the reigns have been handed over to Colin Trevorrow, best known for his low budget time travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. Word is still out on whether this will live up to the standards set by beloved franchise, but there is no denying that the footage is exciting, beautifully shot, and holds quite a few surprises of its own. It also carefully plays to our nostalgia for the first movie, which is now more than twenty years old. Paying homage to classic shots, and bringing back some important visual references, this first Jurassic World sneak peek recalls what has come before it like a champ. Its something old mixed with something new for a perfect blend of potential blockbuster success. Here are 9 ways Colin Trevorrow played to our love for the franchise, bringing back some very key and iconic moments in making this trailer one that appeals to fans old and new.

1 A Return to Isla Nublar

<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Isla Nublar

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In the original Jurassic Park, a helicopter comes upon the now iconic Isla Nebular to introduce us to this world. A very similar shot is recreated here, though we instead see the location from a boat as it approaches the vast home to this unique theme park and its attractions. These shots of the tropical paradise automatically trigger our first wave of nostalgia while watching this teaser, which is clearly the intention. From very early on, we knew that director Colin Trevorrow was shooting on the Hawaiian isle of Kauai, utilizing some of the same locations Steven Spielberg visited while shooting the original in 1993. Because of that, we feel like we've truly headed back home. This is a sequel, not a reboot, and that's what fans are now expecting to see on screen next summer.

Its been over 20 years since the original Jurassic Park hit theaters, and more than ten years since the last sequel. Are you ready for Jurassic World? Now that we've analyzed the latest trailer, why not take a look at it again for yourself, alongside the trailer for the 1993 original:

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