/jurassic-world-trailer/Arriving earlier than expected, Universal has debuted the first trailer for Jurassic World in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. And with it comes our first real look at this true sequel to the 1993 original Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg. While Spielberg is back as a producer this time out, the reigns have been handed over to Colin Trevorrow, best known for his low budget time travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. Word is still out on whether this will live up to the standards set by beloved franchise, but there is no denying that the footage is exciting, beautifully shot, and holds quite a few surprises of its own. It also carefully plays to our nostalgia for the first movie, which is now more than twenty years old. Paying homage to classic shots, and bringing back some important visual references, this first Jurassic World sneak peek recalls what has come before it like a champ. Its something old mixed with something new for a perfect blend of potential blockbuster success. Here are 9 ways Colin Trevorrow played to our love for the franchise, bringing back some very key and iconic moments in making this trailer one that appeals to fans old and new.

1 A Return to Isla Nublar

<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Isla Nublar

In the original Jurassic Park, a helicopter comes upon the now iconic Isla Nebular to introduce us to this world. A very similar shot is recreated here, though we instead see the location from a boat as it approaches the vast home to this unique theme park and its attractions. These shots of the tropical paradise automatically trigger our first wave of nostalgia while watching this teaser, which is clearly the intention. From very early on, we knew that director Colin Trevorrow was shooting on the Hawaiian isle of Kauai, utilizing some of the same locations Steven Spielberg visited while shooting the original in 1993. Because of that, we feel like we've truly headed back home. This is a sequel, not a reboot, and that's what fans are now expecting to see on screen next summer.

2 Iconic Jurassic Park Entrance

Jurassic Park Gate

In the first movie, the park was set to open with a basic tour that started through this Jurassic Park enterance, the gate swinging wide to reveal the mysteries that await on the other side. That same landmark is seen here, retrofitted with the new, improved title. Though not much else has changed about it. Like the 20th Century Fox logo or Prologue crawl before Star Wars, or the Vancouver Skyline in Police Academy, we know we're back in Jurassic Park as soon as we see these doors spread for incoming guests. Even if the park behind the wall does look quite a bit different. You'll notice in some shots that areas of Jurassic World have clearly been modeled after Universal City Walk and Universal Studios Hollywood. As this is a Universal movie, that is clearly intentional. And we even get to see Jaws dangled above a new aquatic dinosaur who munches down on the great white for a snack.

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3 Mosquito in Amber

Mosquito in Amber

From the very start of production, the iconic mosquito encased in amber has been featured as a callback for this sequel. We see shots of that amber here, as we are brought back to into the labs where the Dino DNA is being extracted. The mosquito is the driving force behind all the dinosaurs in the park, and it remains a constant theme throughout all the movies. Without the amber, there would be no perfectly preserved Dino blood. Even though it has been hotly debated since the novel first debuted whether or not DNA can survive for 65 million years, that aspect of the story has never wavered, and it looks like it has been preserved for this particular storyline. The Mosquito in Amber is the mascot of Jurassic Park, even more so than the beloved, yet dangerous, T-Rex.

4 Running with the Dinosaurs

Running with Dinosaurs

Go back and watch the original trailer, and you will see quite a few shots of Alan Grant and the others running beside or with the dinosaurs. Those same exact shots are recaptured perfectly here. We see a safari truck driving through a herd, and then we also get to see the new Gyrosphere as our two young protagonists take it through a roll in a giant grassy meadow, getting as close to the friendly dinosaurs as humanly possible. Then, of course, there is that nice tag at the end of the trailer, which shows Chris Pratt driving his motorcycle through the jungle at night joined by a team of what we can only assume are trained raptors. Star-Lord and an army of lovable, yet killer, bird lizards? Sounds exactly like the adventures we had behind the couch with the original action figures two decades ago.

5 Chris Pratt Channeling Dr. Grant

Chris Pratt

Maybe it's the black leather vest, or Chris Pratt's slight resemblance to Sam O'Neil, but the casting here is pretty spot on as the actor is able to channel some of the spirit and adventure seen in the original Dr. Grant. Sure, he's twenty years younger in a sequel that is arriving twenty years later, but isn't that the point? Newer, fresher, better looking? An adventurer who gets in over his head, Pratt's not necessarily the same type of protagonist as Alan Grant, as he seems to be more of a dinosaur trainer than he is a scientist or collector of bones. He's the perfect mix of Grant and big game hunter turned dino-herder Robert Muldoon, as played by Bob Peck in the original. In terms of staying within the parameters of this franchise, there couldn't be a better leading man than what we see here.

6 Kids in Danger

Kids in Danger

The original 1993 Jurassic Park had Joseph Mazzello and Ariana Richards as John Hammond's grandkids, who get trapped in the park when the T-Rex breaks loose. Jurassic World also has a similar pair of siblings, who are also trapped behind the big gated walls of this amusement park where the attractions can kill and eat you. There is a similar dynamic in play, yet it has not been revealed how these two tie into the bigger Jurassic picture. Having the first set of kids as family members of the man who started the madness added a special kind of heart and danger to the first outing. Will these kids be revealed as Hammond's great great grandkids? Are they related to Bryce Dallas Howard's scientist character in some way? She, herself, is channeling the spirit of Hammond in her all-white wardrobe. However it plays out, this is the first film in the franchise since the original to put kids directly back into danger, and that's awesome!

7 Scientists Playing with Dino DNA

Scientists DNA

While the scientists working within Jurassic World have created the first genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, they are still sequestered away in a lab environment that recalls similar scenes from the opening act of the first movie, complete with shots of dinosaur eggs and DNA strands. Its the first movie all-over, with a certain reboot twist that plays as a meta-joke for all current sequels. The previous two installments backed off the science fiction elements to focus on more monsters and action. Director Colin Trevorrow is obviously a fan of the genre, and he promises to bring more of those elements back to the franchise. The question is: How serious is the movie going to get with its true science elements? Will audiences grow bored with this part of the plot, squandering repeat business at the box office? Or will the story simply wax over the DNA structuring scene in the first movie, and then jump straight to the thrills resting at its monster movie core?

8 Teasing the Big Bad D-Rex


In this day and age, movies need to sell their monsters up front. The art of the true tease has been lost to CGI magic and the dire need to make a buck at the box office. Jurassic World benefits from its hardcore fanbase in that it doesn't even need a trailer to sell the movie. Back in the 80s, we never knew what we were going to see on screen, and director Steven Spielberg was a master at this. Just look at the way he introduces E.T. We see shadows, we see outlines. We see fingers. By the time we actually see the little creature, we're sweating like junkies for a fix. We need it! Even though we know damn well what a T-Rex looks like, Steven Spielberg pulled off the same type of hidden magic with Jurassic Park, an art he perfected shooting Jaws, which was more about necessity than anything else. Colin Trevorrow is curbing from that same aesthetic here, showing us claw marks, the rustling of trees, feet and a couple of long, gruesome fingernails. What is this new D-Rex, and what does it look like? Hopefully we'll have to pay to find out. But in this day and age, we'll probably see the new dinosaurs before the first TV spot even hits. None the less, Colin Trevorrow proved with Safety Not Guaranteed, that he can keep an audience glued to their seats and guessing all the way up to that final frame of film. Just what will he reveal here, and how slow will that curtain tug be? That's something Jurassic Park nailed two decades ago, and it looks like this movie is on its way to upholding that tradition.

9 Sound Effects, Music and that Flare.

<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Flare

Dinosaurs love flares, obviously. One of the great Jurassic Park scenes has hotshot rock and roller Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) using a flare to attract the attention of a T-Rex. Bryce Dallas Howard reenacts that exact scene here in grand fashion. Add that to the sounds and music on display, and you dang near have yourself a remake more than a sequel. Listen closely to the dino chirps and burps and the swelling orchestra. We've clearly entered the world of Jurassic Park, and the trailer plays at that notion on both a subliminal level, and visceral high peaks, as it attempts to cash in on your feelings of nostalgia for the classic. Lets just hope it has enough new in it to make it worthwhile, and not another semi-disappointing retread like 2001's Jurassic Park III.

Its been over 20 years since the original Jurassic Park hit theaters, and more than ten years since the last sequel. Are you ready for Jurassic World? Now that we've analyzed the latest trailer, why not take a look at it again for yourself, alongside the trailer for the 1993 original:

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