Evacuate the island! Universal is back on the scene this morning with not one, but two more action packed TV spots for their incoming thriller Jurassic World! The sequel promises to offer plenty of new dinosaurs as the park originally envisioned by John Hammond in the first film becomes a reality.

The first TV spot features Chris Pratt as Hawaiian dinosaur wrangler Owen Grady. Here, he introduces his pet Velociraptors named Charlie, Echo and Blue. He then declares himself the Alpha of the pack. When things go wrong on the self-contained island, Grady must call on his killer pals to help contain a threat that could put Jurassic World out of business forever.

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The second TV spot, created for international audiences, shows two young boys as they arrive at Jurassic World to discover the wonder this wild life theme park attraction holds. But they are soon running for their lives as the latest addition to the park's dinosaur family breaks free. The Indominus Rex is a monster made of various DNA strands, and it likes to kill for sport. It can also communicate with the other dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. This is bad, as attendance to the tourist destination has spiked over the last year, and there are plenty of visitors for these hungry dinos to eat and terrorize. Take a seat, hold on...Because, the park is officially open!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange