This summer, when the long-awaited next installment of the groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World, arrives in theaters, an entire fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will share the spotlight. Alongside the iconic G-Class, Unimog, Sprinter models, the all-new GLE Coupe will play a leading role in the epic action-adventure. Mercedes-Benz will accompany the release of the film with a comprehensive co-promotional package that includes a television commercial, print and online advertising, dedicated microsites and social-media activities. The commercial, starring the Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the film, launches today in the U.S. and Europe. Additionally, a custom key visual was developed for all communication in which the all-new GLE Coupe is seen eye-to-eye with the film's fearsome Indominus rex. Here's what Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars, had to say in a statement.

"In 1997 the Mercedes-Benz M-Class made its first official appearance in the Hollywood Blockbuster The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Today, 18 years later, another Mercedes-Benz car will debut in a significant role in the latest installment of the groundbreaking Jurassic Park series named Jurassic World: the new GLE Coupe. We are delighted to continue our partnership with a multitude of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and will promote the film and our cars with many exciting global marketing activities."

The Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe makes its film debut as the official car of Jurassic World operations manager Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. When Claire must confront a crisis well beyond what she can handle alone, she takes the new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe (showcasing its off-road capabilities) and joins behavioral researcher Owen (Chris Pratt) on a mission in the lush jungle of Isla Nublar.

In addition we see Owen piloting the G-Class, the patriarch of all Mercedes-Benz SUVs. The film also features the Unimog, cast as a dinosaur ambulance, as well as a G 63 AMG 6x6 and various Sprinter models. Here's what producer Frank Marshall had to say about the Mercedes-Benz cars used on the Jurassic World set.

"The fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles fit perfectly into Jurassic World. They are classy, sophisticated, and sexy - exactly what would exist in a modern international theme park."

In addition to the Jurassic World ad, we also have a behind-the-scenes video that shows how the Mercedes-Benz vehicles were used on the set of Jurassic World, along with a new photo of the massive dinosaur Indominous Rex and two new TV spots. Jurassic World also stars Judy Greer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jake Johnson, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Robinson, B.D. Wong and Ty Simpkins, with Colin Trevorrow directing. Take a look at these videos and the new Indominous Rex photo below, before Jurassic World hits theaters June 12.

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<strong><em>Jurassic World</em></strong> Indominous Rex Mercedes-Benz Photo