The Good

This funny show gives us another season on DVD.

The Bad

No extras at all.Just Shoot Me: The Complete 3rd Season again takes into the world of Blush magazine. This high fashion rag is staffed with such employees as Maya, Jack, Nina, Elliot and Finch among others. Between the double entendres, crazy fashion moments, and unpredictable story-lines, Just Shoot Me never shies away from pushing the envelope. At all times this show seemed to be going for laughs but it never sacrificed the storytelling or the characters in order to do that.


No extras came with this release.


1.33:1 - Full Screen. As I have often said this release is a sitcom so it isn't like I am expecting some amazing cinematic moments from it. The DVD transfer that Sony has done here is more than passable, and considering that these episodes are from the late 1990s that is more than saying something. While at times things got a little overcooked, all in all I think users will be happy with this release.


Dolby Digital. English - Dolby Surround. Close Captioned. The audio on this release was very solidly done. I only had to turn the sound up a little under halfway and I was able to hear everything that the characters were saying. As I also have said before, situation comedies don't often give themselves a chance to use sound in some out of the box way, so don't expect Just Shoot Me to do that here.


Our cast is presented on the front of this slipcase cover as they pose for a photo shoot. The back features another shot of the main cast, 5 pictures from this show's release, a description of what Just Shoot Me: The Complete 3rd Season is about and technical specs. All 3 discs in this set are stored in two slim cases, all of which feature more artwork and information about the episodes of this show.

Final Word

All in all Just Shoot Me: The Complete 3rd Season fires on all cylinders. With the comic talents of Laura San Giacomo, George Segal and David Spade, among others, I never felt that my viewing of this show seemed dated in any way. There is something about the sassy, quick witted style of humor that is layered into this show that makes it imminently watchable. While I wouldn't say that I found this 3 disc release to be fall out of the seat funny, all in all I did find it to be rich with comedic moments that were anything but pedestrian.

Just Shoot Me: The Complete 3rd Season is yet another welcome addition to the world of TV on DVD.

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