Batman would have died in the DCEU had Zack Snyder stayed on board to complete his five-film arc with Justice League Part 2. Justice League was originally Snyder's baby, but the end result was much different than what he initially envisioned for the project. It's been nearly a year since the film hit theaters and the director has been teasing out images and concept art that he was going to include in the final version of the movie. However, Snyder was either let go or fired, depending who you ask, and hardcore Snyder fans have been begging for his cut of Justice League ever since.

Over the weekend, a DCEU fan posted a picture of Superman holding a dead Batman in his arms on Vero, Zack Snyder's preferred social media platform. The image is close to looking like Grant Morrison's Final Crisis event. The fan captioned the post by saying, "What we may have seen in..." Zack Snyder is fairly active on social media and often engages with fans, which is what he did with this post. Snyder replied by saying, "of course," confirming that Batman would have died in the DCEU.

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This means that Batman could have died during the planned Justice League 2, which will more than likely never happen after the first one tanked at the box office. The death of Batman, or at least other main characters has been talked about before amongst DCEU fans. There's three crosses at the end of Batman v Superman, and when asked about them, Zack Snyder said that it had to do with the events of Justice League 2, which means that the director already had just about everything laid out the way that he wanted well in advance.

It has been rumored that Grant Morrison's Final Crisis was going to have a significant impact on Justice League 2 with the death of Batman. It's pretty well-known that Zack Snyder wanted to introduce Darkseid in Justice League to set up the sequel, which would then put Batman in place to sacrifice himself against the villain. Knowing Snyder's style, it probably wouldn't have been as easy as that, but it at least gives fans some insight as to where the story would have gone had he stayed with DC Films.

Since the release of Justice League, Warner Bros. and DC Films have pretty much gone back to the drawing board. Aquaman hits theaters in a few months and then Wonder Woman 2 opens next year, but that's about it for the current DCEU. The Flash standalone film is expected to begin production early next year, so that could be included too. As for the Dark Knight, Matt Reeves has revealed that his first draft for The Batman is complete, but it's unclear who will be portraying the character when filming begins. You can check out the interaction that Zack Snyder had with fans over the weekend below, thanks to Batman-News.