Zack Snyder shot enough Justice League footage to make two movies, according to Cyborg actor Ray Fisher. Talks of the mythical Snyder cut of the film have recently started to quiet down, but Fisher's comments may have brought everything back to the surface again. DCEU fans have been begging Warner Bros. to release an alternate cut of the film for months, though nobody is even sure if a finished version of Snyder's vision exists. While we may never get to see what Snyder originally had in mind for the movie, Ray Fisher has shed some more light on what might have come afterwards.

Ray Fisher recently appeared at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey where he was asked about the future of his Cyborg character. DC Films and Warner Bros. have been through a lot of changes since the release of Justice League, and Fisher isn't clear about what, if anything, will happen for the character in the future. However, he did mention that there was a lot of stuff that Zack Snyder shot and intended to use. Fisher explains.

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"([What) I will say is Zack had very specific plans for Cyborg, and for his trajectory. And Zack probably shot enough footage in the first film to make like two movies out of. He definitely had a whole, I believe, a trilogy in mind, with respect to Justice League. And if his vision had sort of come to fruition, Cyborg would have probably been one of, if not the most powerful, metahuman in the entire canon, in the film universe. And that's just one of the crazy things about Zack, is that he can take someone who's such a newcomer and evolve their powers to the point where, you know, Cyborg is like S tier."

It's clear that Zack Snyder had a big vision of where he wanted to take the next Justice League film, and it's cool to know that he was already shooting footage for it while making the first installment. However, making the movie that way more than likely led to a massive budget that kept growing, due to Snyder shooting enough footage for two projects. This could have been one of the factors that led to the director exiting the movie and the DCEU as a whole.

Justice League earned over $600 million at the worldwide box office, which was seen as a failure by the studio. To make matters worse, the Zack Snyder drama took over the project in the eyes of the fans, who were upset that Joss Whedon was brought on board to finish everything. If Snyder really did shoot as much footage as Ray Fisher is saying, Whedon came on and added even more footage to that pile during lengthy reshoots.

In the end, Justice League was a bloated mess with no real cohesive story, leading DC fans to demand Zack Snyder's cut. Warner Bros. already paid a lot of money to get the movie made, and there's no way that they're going to pay more to have Snyder's version finished to make some hardcore fans happy. The studio is trying to put the whole debacle in the rearview mirror while fans keep racing it to the forefront. This information was first reported by ComicBook.