Okay, for real this time, this is the last Justice League trailer that you will see before the movie finally hits theaters in November. Early this morning, Warner Bros. dropped the latest trailer and then quickly released a second alternative trailer, which does not feature the Lois Lane and Clark Kent dream sequence at the beginning and adds some footage from the San Diego Comic-Con trailer spliced in with some new footage not shown anywhere else. The new alternative trailer comes to us via the Justice League Instagram account.

The newest alternate trailer for Justice League is shorter in length and takes a different approach than the trailer that was released earlier today by focusing on the formation of world saving crew. The new trailer peppers in footage that was unveiled in the past Comic-Con trailer, but peppers in brand new footage as well. Alfred (Jeremy Irons) questions whether the team has what it takes to bring down Steppenwolf and all of the comedy from the first trailer is still intact. The alternative trailer was probably done in an effort for viral sharing for Twitter and Instagram, which seems right in line with the way that the DCEU and Warner Bros. do things these days, which is good marketing.

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Since both trailers were released today, fans have plenty of new footage to examine and take apart before the movie comes out. But the new alternative trailer for Justice League seems pretty straightforward without any secrets lurking in the wings like the earlier version that was released this morning. The new footage does not help any fans who are out there searching for a Green Lantern cameo nor does it hint at Superman's return. Those mysteries will have to remain for now, which is definitely not a bad thing by any means.

The opening of the first trailer released today finally brought back Superman, or Clark Kent to be exact in a dream sequence, which simultaneously excited and angered fans at the same time. Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is seen stepping out onto her porch and looks out on a peaceful cornfield. She finds Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), standing at the center, which quickly flashes to reveal that "violence, acts of war, and terrorism" are all on the rise, and the trailer then cuts to reveal that the world is facing mass devastation. The team will have to act in honor of Superman's legacy, but it seems suspicious that the trailer would focus on the hero if the series didn't intend to bring him back into the fold.

In both previews the characters reflect on the loss of their fellow hero and the scale of the world's destruction is revealed, which provides for some emotional moments. Regardless, between the two brand new trailers, there's a lot to take in and speculate at this time. Where's Green Lantern? If and when will Superman rise from the dead? Did we a snippet of Supergirl? We'll have to wait until November. In the meantime, check out the alternative Justice League trailer, courtesy of the Justice League Twitter account below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick