Forget the mythical Zack Snyder cut, a new cut of Justice League reimagined as a bromance comedy between Superman and Batman is the real deal. To celebrate Valentine's Day, DC and Warner Bros. made a short cut of the movie as a romantic comedy and released it on social media. Valentine's Day is a time of chocolates, flowers, and romance, but what about when you're a busy superhero? Batman and Superman profess their love each other while on the job and it's beautiful.

Justice League might have done better in the theaters if they had made it as a romantic comedy between Superman and Batman. The new video was made to promote the digital release of the movie, which came out yesterday and to promote the upcoming Blu-ray release that comes out on March 13th. Instead of highlighting the real romance in Justice League, the new clip turns everything upside down and it's pretty funny and a really interesting way to promote the superhero movie.

The new Valentine's Day cut is also interesting since Henry Cavill's Clark Kent and Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne are barely on speaking terms. The humorous video has fans in an uproar in the comments section of the tweet and it's worth taking some time to read the "fans" talk about Zack Snyder's cut and how this playful clip hurts the movie even more. It's kind of ridiculous that these so-called fans can't see this Justice League joke for what it is, which is fun. It's okay to have fun from time to time, even with Superman and Batman.

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The mythical Zack Snyder cut of Justice League is still being talked about today as fans still hold out hope that it will one day be released. Fueling the fires and rumors is the director himself, who keeps silently supporting the project by liking social media posts that allude to his original cut. However, new reports suggest that the Snyder was fired from the project after Warner Bros. and DC Films saw an early cut of what the director had in mind. This has not been confirmed and is being treated as a rumor at this time, but it goes on to help the myth of the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League live on. And as the comments section proves, those talks aren't going away anytime soon.

You can check out the Justice League romantic comedy cut below and judge for yourself. It's all for fun and promotion, not a serious take on these beloved DC characters. However, a Batman and Superman bromance is a pretty good idea and it would be interesting to see if Warner Bros. and DC Films decided to pursue it further. While everyone waits for that mythical Zack Snyder cut to see the light of day, check out the bromance between Batman and Superman below, courtesy of the Justice League Movie Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick