With just a little over a month until Justice League hits theaters, excitement is starting to build in a big way. Even those who aren't excited are probably at the very least curious, considering the extensive reshoots that have been done under director Joss Whedon. Not to mention the fact that this movie now has to follow the tremendous success of Wonder Woman. The pressure is one, but we're about to get a new look at the movie that will give us a sense of how great it may be, as a brand new Justice League is arriving on Sunday.

The official Justice League Twitter account made the announcement, via a series a new character posters promising that The Flash, Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are "all in" for a new trailer on Sunday. The posters themselves have all five members of the Justice League looking ready to duke it out with some Parademons and Steppenwolf. Though, Superman is still absent and doesn't get his own poster because, as we know, he's currently dead. But we also know he's going to be resurrected in the movie, so Warner Bros. is probably going to make us wait for the reveal. Or maybe not.

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From a marketing standpoint, showing even a glimpse of Superman in this likely final Justice League trailer makes a ton of sense. It would actually be pretty bold if Warner Bros. doesn't show us any Superman this time around. Beyond the Superman question, this will be the first trailer we've seen since Joss Whedon did his major reshoots on Justice League. Zack Snyder decided to step away from the movie following a personal tragedy a few months ago and, according to various reports, Whedon's contributions to Justice League have been very substantial. So much so that he earned a writing credit for his work. So we'll likely see that reflected in this trailer.

Coincidentally, New York Comic Con is this weekend, so Warner Bros. releasing this new Justice League trailer makes a lot of sense. But also, with the November 17 release date creeping up, the marketing campaign is about to be in full swing, so they are going to make sure every man, woman and child in the world knows that this movie is on its way. DC fans know that this movie is a huge deal, but Warner Bros. really needs to keep the general public on their side following the success of Wonder Woman.

Currently, Justice League is tracking a little below Batman v Superman in terms of opening weekend box office. However, if the initial reviews are positive, that could change everything. We'll have to wait and see how those turn out, for now, look forward to the new Justice League trailer and Sunday and be sure to check out the new character posters for yourself below, courtesy of Justice League Twitter.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott